7 March 2012

Dear beloved Souls on Planet

I AM MA’AT, and I come to teach you for 2012 and after, about Balance, balanced Spiritual and Love. Balance, is probably the most important Skill you can learn during Earth’s Journey, it is the Key to the next Life Form. Spiritual , in a balanced way, can enrich your Life further and function like a for your Life Plan.
But before I speak, I would like to introduce myself a bit more. The use of your human language is a Challenge for me, I must admit, because your words mostly are too attached to duality and not to balance. How can I express with a few letters, something that is non-physical?

The language I speak, is more a language of the .
Have you ever sat somewhere, in silence, with a friend of yours, or family, or a partner, and then FELT the other’s Heart or Thoughts, as you SILENTLY looked into each other’s Eyes?

Every single Soul on the Planet KNOWS this form of Communication and did experience it at some point. Some Souls on Earth, even went deeper and might have experienced actual Telepathy. Telepathy, is ALWAYS spiritual, it has not much to do with your physical Part at all. The physical Bodies are separate from each other, and when you shake another’s hand, your hand does not melt into the other’s hand.

When you use Telepathy, you literally hear the Thoughts of another, and the other can reply directly. You hear the chosen words, the other Partner uses, and the TONE in which it is THOUGHT. Just like you have a feel, a “hear” of your own inner Voice of Thoughts, it is indeed possible for other’s to HEAR YOUR INNER VOICE OF THOUGHTS- word by word. Of course, this is a very highly developed form of Telepathy, and will grow with patience in each of you after 2012.

Some of you might call it “psychic Empathy” today, but in reality, it is the Language of Love, which does not need human Words, but is best FELT and EXPERIENCED. It is a perfect and complete “Language”, because it isn’t superficial, it goes very deep and connects energetically People.

How do you imagine, Souls communicate, OUTSIDE of their physical Bodies? How do you believe, we communicate with you or even channel through you?

It is indeed, a form of Telepathy, but when it comes to Channeling, it is a higher Form of Telepathy, bridging Worlds. Usually, the most reliable and balanced Channels, will be the Ones who mastered earthly, human Telepathy first.

I would like to tell you an Example from a Human, like you, in a 3d Body.
There was this young , who went like every to her work place. On this special , a Co-workers came to the young Lady and asked her, since she “claimed” she was spiritual openly he said, to PROVE it. The Lady was confused and thought, oh my, how should I prove it to you, what do you mean, why?

He said to her, that he wants to take a Piece of , go to another Room with it around the Corner of the Building, write a word on it, hide it, and then, he asked the young Woman to “read his Mind” and tell him, what he wrote on the , without seeing it.
The young Woman felt challenged, doubted herself, pressured, but she then tried it like a Game, to test also herself. After he wrote what he wrote, he came to her Desk again, and had the paper hidden behind his Hands on his Chest- the Lady could not see one letter or sign.

She then said to him:” Oh! You are trying to trick me! We said a word, but you did not one thing, but two, one looks like Circle, just round, and then you wrote something looking like a W or more, nothing, some waves.”
The Man that had challenged her in disbelief, was under shock, as he turned the paper on his Chest. The paper showed EXACTLY, a Circle, and a W looking wave.

As you can see, real life stories like that do happen, and Miracles, do happen, and empowerment and special Skills, do grow- all of this is part of Life and makes it more beautiful. Of course, as we would do in Ancient Egypt’s Spiritual Schools, the first Step of the Stairway comes BEFORE the second, and so, such Skills as mentioned in this Story are BASICS for anyone wishing to grow into channeling Archangels, or Ascended Light Beings. You can never go wrong, if you focus to strengthen your “Muscles” with Care of DETAIL. It is crucial, for your Karma and Balance, to make sure you can and want to carry FULL Responsibility for your Actions and Words.

Go always from a Heart of Love toward everyone and everything, respect the Balance of the Universe and how it works, as well as the Free Flow of the Universal Happenings. Open up your full Potential, with care and patience.
I understand, it sounds fun and exciting to “channel”, and to have “telepathy” experiences, and every Soul always seeks to rise upwards, like Trees grow toward the Sun.

But it is also important, to grow strong ROOTS grounding you first, and keep the Balance. Always remember that, for higher Spiritual Work, you must be called, not decide for it. God knows best, who can take the Burden and perform the work, and who is not ready YET. is not about Ascended Masters, there are only few who speak Truth regarding the higher Realms, for they have been here before. is a Level BEFORE the Life Form in which Ascended Masters live.

To care about your Balance, does not need to be “hard work”, it can be fun, light, relaxing. I recommend to “reserve” one Day out of your Week, to take intensive care of your Balance and you- PHYSICALLY. Your bodies are changing and adjusting, and this can be very helpful to soothe the Changes.

All of what I have talked about shortly now, is growing inside of each of you. You are being called Home, and Home is where the Heart is. That means, that the WHOLE and ALL, must and will ascend, according to God’s Will. We have endless Compassion, all the Heavens care, do you feel it?

We are here, here with you, and we hold you in an Embrace of Love, if you hear us or not. We give you Love, if you accept it or not. We wish you growth and power, if you wish it for yourself or not. YOU HAVE ALL THE POWER to shape your FUTURE, re-design your past and expand your Now-Moment, in your own Hands.

We hope as many as possible will decide to return into a Loving State of Mind, Home, and create a completely New Planet of the Old-learning from all of Humanity’s History, once and for all.

I AM MA’AT and I hope to see you again, at the Gate of Heaven, when your Time has come.

This Text can be shared and distributed with Credit to -Susan Elsa & Ma’at for the channeled Message.