from Ascended Master, Allah
Channeled by:
March 26, 2012

Dear beloved children of our most blessed Heavenly ; I come to speak to as many children that will listen from reading our message today. For those of you who do not know of me, I AM the Chohan of the 10th Ray. To be aware of my presence it is a pearlescent colour that you will be noticing. I encourage beautiful children you to feed your thirsty curiosity to learn the higher Rays of Light and what it is these Rays can teach you and help you along your spiritual quest of learning and becoming all that you are meant to be.

There comes sometimes several times in your life when you must really take a deep look from within, seeing, knowing and sensing your inner balance and equilibrium is in need of your divine love and attention. There is not a part of your life that does not require balance of some kind. Your emotions require balance; your physical also requires balance, as does all the different characteristics that make up who you are. There is an opposite for everything and each to function in perfectness must be steady, healthy and BALANCED. When you access the 10th Ray of Light, you are accessing qualities that are combined from Ray 1, 2 and 3.

It is perfectly normal to reach a state of confusion along your journey or to find yourself overwhelmed with all the learning you have been involved with. Dear precious children, to invoke my presence while working towards your perfect Oneness with your own Christ-Self, and with God, you will feel an anchoring of energy deep into your . I will work through your spiritual vehicles, the chakras of the and Throat. When invoking my presence, I request that you be in a positive state of mind so you may receive the full benefit of my healing and if possible, depending of your readiness I can also reveal glimpses of your past, present and future possible outcomes and realities.

By allowing me to guide you precious children, through my gentle and subtle instruction you will learn . It is greatly understood that many thoughts can preoccupy your mind that cause a distraction to being able to fully commit to your spiritual progression. You are at all times of day and night assaulted by so much information, even from your sub-conscious. You must make the to be . This does mean to not only stop talking, but also to stop the mind from over playing what has transpired through the day. Once you are able to reach perfect STILLNESS, then you can be able to really listen to the voice that is within each of you; your Higher Self and to your Heavenly Father.

Precious children, the proper form of communication is at first being able to quiet and empty yourself, secondly to pay full attention on ALL levels to what is being said. It is deeply encouraged precious ones to take the time to think very carefully about what was just heard and what you understand. So that when you are to answer, your response is fully measured, well-thought-out and articulate. In order to fully apply the full POWER of your words, speak of what is important and what you truly mean to say from your ever loving heart. Everything that you learn from every existence you have lived you take with you to the next incarnation, even if you do not remember it knowingly. When you go within to find what is without; you then look above to see what is below and so on. This cycle repeats itself when lessons go unlearned and you gain no further knowledge. Before you go searching precious children, FIRST ask the question and be very specific so you will KNOW the answer. Oftentimes you already know the answer before the words of your question is spoken, you only then need to pay attention to what is being said to you and listen. You will learn more when you are able to attain and maintain a still and centered calm. The more precious children you practice calming yourself from within the more you will gain of yourself.

Prior to meditation, prayer, or any other form of communication method that is preferred by you, make sure you are still in mind and the busy chatter that still operates has ceased. If necessary position yourself deeply where you are sitting and simply ALLOW all tension and ALL thought-forms to empty from you. Close your eyes and imagine you are growing roots from your base chakra down into your feet and feel these roots becoming one with the Earth. Even if you are inside on a covered floor, you can still achieve this grounding. Allow these pent up tensions to leave your body, as nothing is gained by holding onto to thought forms, patterns or tensions that no longer serve you for the highest of good for yourself or those closest to you. Allow the warm coolness of to comfort you precious children and feel yourself become relaxed and still. Then proceed with the preferred choice you use to communicate with your Heavenly Father, your guides and other spiritual beings that are dear to your heart.

From all the busyness of your hectic day and life, precious children let yourself BE still and to really KNOW yourself and to really know your Heavenly Father. Achieve the stillness that I AM Master of, and then you can really fully understand your unique Divine Plan and YOUR real and true Power. I encourage each of you to honour and learn the real and vital nature and spirit of yourself. It is very easy to forget your function when you surrounded by material possessions, the many pressures and strains that you deal with on a daily basis. It is your choice precious children on how you choose to measure what is necessary in your life.

Request the aid of the Masters, your guides, angels and other deities that you are comfortable working with and let us teach you what it is to attain the perfect stillness I speak of. Through our aid you will find yourself actively working within to achieve ALL that your heart and soul wants to achieve.

My time precious children, conversing today to all of you has brought me great joy. I will tell you now; I will return and speak again. Through the STILLNESS you find and perfect, you will discover deep contentment, harmony and love for yourself and for ALL those around you.

My heart is your heart,


Ascended Master, Allah Gobi through Julie Miller