Talyaa Liera a message from Polaris channeled by Talyaa Liera

Monday, 12 March, 2012

This is the month when the proverbial meets the road. Also when the you-know-what hits the fan. Know why? Because this is the month when you get bigger. You take steps. You enlarge your sphere. You become more of You. You get closer to the Self that you are creating, the You that you always have been but have not yet become.

Why will you being more of You create ? To begin with, your every step and breath creates around you that emanate outward in ever-increasing circles. This phenomena is part of your interconnected human existence. A constant truth.

Why Will The Ripple Effect Increase Now?

Simple. As part of the always-enlarging of human experience, at various choice points in human history, the collective human consciousness makes choices to create shifts in overall collective experience so as to refine the collective playground that is our human reality. As you now shift a smidge closer toward expansion and heart-centered interactions, it is becoming helpful to create an overall human playground that supports the experience of ripples. Some of you will create ripples. Some of you will experience ripples. All of you will experience an increase in the connectedness that is slowly growing throughout human interconnected experience.

What Does This Mean To You?

In many ways, probably nothing. You will continue this month to wake up, go to , come home, eat dinner and go to sleep. You will continue to breathe. To love. To weep. To grow.

But all the time you are performing these seeming mundane tasks, on a deep level you will be receiving probably more than you have ever before.

This month marks an increase in energetic output as experienced on a physical level. The ripples increase, moving ever outward.

As the ripples increase from each human being, so too does their effect increase. On every being on the planet.

You touch more people this month. You are touched by more people this month.

How Could You Be Affected?

While on the one hand nothing much changes – you go to work and come home again as usual – on the other hand a great deal changes this month. In addition to being present to probably more energy that you ever have yet experienced, there are many more possible effects from the marked increase in ripples this month. Depending on the amount of personal work you have done, your level of self awareness, and your level of energetic sensitivity, you could experience:

  • Elation.
  • Sudden swings in emotions.
  • Feeling powerful.
  • Laughter.
  • Deep .
  • Sadness.
  • Increased physical activity.
  • Hunger.
  • Wanderlust.
  • Love.

Also: closer connection to your true .

Meditation For Connecting To The Ripples Around You

Breathe. Imagine your breath massaging all the parts of you that need breath right now. Imagine how your breath – the air you take in to your body – touches every part of you. Air surrounds you. Air is inside you. Air touches you at all times. It becomes an integral part of you. It becomes your life force.

Now imagine the breath that leaves your body. Where does it go? Out into the room around you. Then outward from there: your house, perhaps, your neighborhood. The air continues outward: your city, your country, over the oceans now to touch the lives of humans living in other cities, other houses. Those humans breathe also. They are breathing right now, as you breathe. They too send their breath across oceans. Towards you.

And you breathe in, and imagine again the breath massaging all the parts of you that need breath right now.

What To Expect This Month


This month, people become more aware of their purpose. This can have a profound effect. It can inspire mindful action. It can create fear (what if I am not enough?). It can cause people to make deep shifts.

This month, more than ever, people will want support on their journeys. Be mindful of this as you touch other lives. If you are struggling, know that you are not alone. There is help. And others struggle also. It may help you to reach out and hold a hand this month, especially if having your own hand held is what you desire most right now.

This is a good month to dive into personal growth work, deep spiritual work, and other support for a personal journey and moving into closer connection with life purpose.

Affirmation: I AM stronger than I think I am.


This is the perfect month to learn to better practice the Platinum Rule: "Treat others in the way they like to be treated." Compassion may be in short supply this month as people struggle for balance in a shifting world. There is no better time, then, to extend as much compassion as you yourself can muster and treat others with as much mindfulness, compassion, and understanding as you can. Every time you do, you increase your own ripples and have a marked effect upon the lives of everyone around you.

Affirmation: I AM willing to imagine that I walk in the shoes of another being.


When was the last time you thought deeply about what community means to you and about the role you wish to play in your communities in the future? This is a month to examine those questions and others around the function of an individual within a larger group. Exploration of individual roles within community groups extends this month to the workplace, neighborhoods and cities, voluntary communities around leisure activities, and other places where humans congregate. Look for your personal reaction to the shifting priorities of others, and look also to your possibly surprising responses to a call to action from a community you are a part of. What happens this month may astonish you.

Affirmation: I AM a living breathing entity.

Global Politics

The gloves come off this month. Not only is there a boatload of posturing and mudslinging in elections this month – and this extends far past US borders – but extreme polarization and fear-based politicking sets teeth on edge all around the world. There also will be a revealing new story told by election outcomes. The truth is revealed about candidates most vehemently attacking their opponents.

Politics are a funny thing. They are based primarily upon second-guessing what you think the other guy is going to do. But as shifts take place on a global basis and the human playground changes, at some point those old rules of politics and guessing what the other guy will do no longer apply. In part, this is why the rubber meets the road this month. This is not to say that overnight politics will do a 180 and become a paragon of honesty and forthrightness, but at some point the tip is made toward the part of the spectrum where speaking one's truth – as opposed to speaking what one thinks others wish to hear — becomes paramount. Look for small signs this month that such a future shift is possible.

Affirmation: I AM responsible for making my voice heard.

Earth Changes

Winds and waves are on the rise this month. Look for increases in activity that comes from the breath of Gaia. Most affected: low-lying communities, places unobstructed by mountain, places where rivers meet. Widespread flooding is possible.

Affirmation: I AM holding sacred space for the healing of the planet.

Global Spiritual Changes

With and increased awareness of purpose comes also increased crisis of reality. As you walk toward a world of connection and purpose, you naturally encounter bumps and roadblocks. True shifts on a collective basis seldom occur overnight. Perhaps then it is enough to know that your individual action – especially of extending compassion and mindfulness of action toward others – has an effect upon the world around you. Ripples emanate from you at all times. Your breath came from another part of the world, another community, another person. So too does your breath extend out from you across the sea to another heart. Walk this month as if you know this with all your being.

Affirmation: I AM the eye of the storm.

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