Mar 12

-Channeled through Wes Annac-


Thanks to Lisa (Wolfke74) for the Image


The and the numerous other extraterrestrial organizations assisting at this time have been assisting you in your test for all of your recorded history. Our assistance to you was agreed upon by us and you before you all made your difficult ventures in the low vibrations. You asked us as indeed we are your family in spirit, to help you advance along your cycles in time by showing ourselves to you and exposing you to technologies and such that were more advanced than those of the various civilizations we were to contact.

This has been just as much of a test for us as it has been for you, as we have worked with the ascension of many planets many times before but the Earth experiment is one which was known by all involved to be very difficult, especially with the incarnation of the collective darkness that had been fed on your world.

We knew that you as a collective and as individuals would be tested in many challenging lower vibrational ways to say the least, and indeed we knew that there would be much testing involved for us but we were and are happy to assist in the Earth experiment and at this point in your time, in the ascension of all on the of Earth.

We have went to our own guides for much assistance in Earthly affairs and while there is much in the physical that we are not able to do due to freewill wishes on your part, we still spend much of our on the assistance of Earth and the exposure of all that has truly happened on Her surface.

We ourselves look to who are a part of a greater matrix, a greater Cosmos of who are ascended and exposed to a Love that is more pure than what we have yet experienced. However, the purity of energies that we feel and far exceeds what you on Earth and those on many other lower dimensional planets have been exposed to, and this is why we give you our assistance in finding for yourselves the states of consciousness which we exist in.

The assumption has been made by many that once you ascend into the realms of the fifth dimension, you will be operating at a full, undistorted consciousness, and this is simply not true dear souls. The ladder of the dimensional experience goes up much farther than the fifth dimension as many of you know, and once you reach the realms of the fifth dimension you will still be growing and learning lessons only then, you will be growing and learning lessons while existing in a purity of energies that is so very different, so heavenly and so much more Lovely than the you are currently existing in while wearing your veils and illusory mental constraints.

There truly is little on Earth that can grant one even a full, undistorted fifth dimensional experience, and the many things that are assumed to lead one to a more pure state of consciousness do not always necessarily do so.

There are substances on your world which do offer a temporary breaking-off of the constraints of the third dimension and the specific mental programs you have installed for yourselves, but this does not mean that by the very nature of the substance, they will not also be exposing you to denser programs that do not feel as dense to you simply because they are so different from what you had been experiencing before using such things.

Each soul on Earth be it a soul incarnate in a Human body or in a plant or anything else, carries with them densities of their own whilst Living and growing in the lower realms on the surface of Earth. Naturally, upon using an Earthly substance no matter what it is to find a higher state of consciousness, one will also be exposing themselves to the dense or otherwise programs that such substances have been carrying around with them. It takes the topic of you interacting with the Creation around you and expands upon it.

As you know, everything and everyone you interact with, you leave an on, and this works the other way as well; you feel the energy imprints of others through your interactions with them.

This can explain for many of you why you have negative experiences with another soul, and then later feel angry yourself for seemingly no . Of course, some would choose immediately to get angry and spark up a confrontation with the soul being so negative toward them, but either way you see how the energy imprint affects you when you are exposed to it through interactions with others.

Again, this does not just work with humans but with each and every aspect of Creation which you interact with during your experience.

The ‘takedown’ of the Illuminati is proceeding smoothly, and while our scribe is always weary about receiving updates of such a physical nature we must push through with doing so as with events heating up as they now are on your world, we need as many souls as possible to report the of what is going on through.

Of course again, there are constraints as to all that we can report for many reasons, one of them being that many souls of the Illuminati read the messages from us and use the news given to our disadvantage, and another reason being because of the egotistical and mental barriers of the souls we are in telepathic communication with; such constraints can sometimes ensure that they are not able to receive proper news as to what is currently happening on your world.

As you can see, many souls who have assumed positions of power and wealth are now resigning from such positions. This is happening as so very many souls are jumping off of the now sinking ship, and this happening is something that has been predicted by many channeled sources of information for many years of your time.

This is because we exist outside of the confines of time as has been expressed endlessly, and we knew that the time you are in now was safe to be predicted years and even decades and centuries ago, because even when such predictions were being made the Illuminati never thought that they would see this day you are currently in, where so many of them are forced to resign and step down from their positions of power so that this entire exposure will be made easier for them, though they have already dug themselves in a hole that is quite deep.

Indeed, the resignations you are seeing now have been formulated as a part of a recent deal that we have made with the heads of the Illuminati. We have shown them and they have realized alike that Earth has fully awoken as have Her citizens, and while they have thought that Earth was a ‘pushover’ planet whom they could harm all they wanted, has shown them that they cannot hurt Her anymore by Herself refusing their latest attempts to cause mayhem and destruction.

The deal we garnered with the heads of the Illuminati came after they attempted their latest weather warfare maneuver, and as always their attempt to cause widespread harm and destruction was thwarted very easily from happening but this time the action was not taken by us, but by your dear Gaia instead.

Through advanced technological means which we cannot disclose at this time due to the ego-constraint of our scribe but which will be made know to you so very soon, the dark were let know that Mother Earth Herself was in charge of thwarting their plans, and the sheer ease by which She performed this Lighted action truly served to show them that they do not now, nor have they ever truly decided what happens on the surface of Earth.

Even the dark on your world have been acting in the confines of what you Create as a collective on your world, and they know that the more low vibrations that are produced on the surface of Earth, the more power they will have and the less constrained they will be in manifesting disastrous events.

The very reason they manifest such disasters is to feed the grid of negativity, hate and fear on dear Gaia that is now fading in increasing intensity as the Loving energies being manifested by you all begin to transmute the gird of the lower dimensions at its very core.

As this is happening, naturally your many lower dimensional timelines which have fed such a lower dimensional grid are converging into One Lighted timeline as the lower grid is fully transmuted at its core. The awakenings of you all will soon reach and are reaching huge strides and you will be ‘snapped’ seemingly into a state of consciousness that your hard work will have and is taking you to.

Each and every one of you on Earth who are reading our messages and finding your own communication with us are Lightworkers, and you are all needed crucially in the awakening and informing of humanity at this time. You are already seeing proof in the physical that all that you have been waiting for is beginning to transpire, and in a very short amount of your fading time each and every one of you will be needed dearly to begin informing the masses of all that reality truly can be.

You have been preparing for this time you are now in for many, many Lives on Earth, and believe us dear souls while many things are coming to a head, the work is only just beginning. Your experiences will become easier and more Lighted, but the work you will be doing is to increase exponentially.

Is this not what you want dear souls? Do you not want to work with all of yourselves to clean up the surface of dear Gaia and change the state Her surface is in to a better one? The biggest problem that has stood in the way of many of you doing so has been the complacency of those around you, as the majority on Earth do not care much about keeping Her healthy and are not even aware that she Herself is a conscious planet.

Many on your world have been stuck in their own conventional limitations for many, many Lives and while the energies coming in are working toward a complete cleansing and releasing of such illusory limitations and barriers for all on Gaia’s surface, denial is just as powerful as the Creation powers of those on your world who are still employing it, and who are still [under their surface] employing a willed ignorance of the higher realms or of anything past their own physical, boxed-in experience.

The energies gracing your planet and your bodies at this time are again, calling for a complete and full reawakening of your Divine nature and your Oneness as a collective consciousness. We ask you to feel these energies dear souls, despite the difficulties that occur in your own Lives.

Do know that at all times, everything truly is as it should be as even when you are experiencing difficulties, each event you are begin given is manifesting according to your own Life plan and to the various lessons you are employing yourselves to learn at this time.

Thank you to Mariara.