Posted on March 21, 2012

To all of you:

As time speeds up and there is no more time, all things come to an end, we are at the end of this , for some it will be March 21st, for others Dec 21st and some will never see it or acknowledge it…

Our planet is going through major , the mountains are risen [rising] up to let the geo-magnetic plates re-align, this may bring the feeling of crushing, cracking and crashing but is needed, rivers will flood and water will be everywhere as sign of the age of Aquarius…

In my personal experience, I learned how important it is to detach from all at this moment, as all things come to an end…

I invite you to join me in a circle of light , connect to me and then to the places were you are at, we all together can help through this end of times, let the new of light come through, let the new frequency go to the inner core of the planet and let ascend, let her shine and be the new golden star.

Join me on March 21st on this last ceremony of light and love where I will honor my , my farm…, the of UFOs and , I will honor mother earth (Pachamama) as the ancient Peruvians did, I will honor the god mountains (Apus) for their protection and I will honor the galactic beings for making that place a sacred one, I will honor the beings of for living there and I will release it all back to the universe, it’s time to close a cycle and open a new one.

I’m invited also to another contact with Andromeda (phase 5) where they will give me the guidelines for the next cycle until we meet again, they are leaving that area too, the ships underground are ready to go back, the crystal temple and the intra-terrestrial city called Cristalina will close their doors and they all will go back to Andromeda until this period of transformation on earth is completed.

As you see, this won’t be easy but I’m prepared to make this transition to the new cycle smoothly, until we get another sacred place which will be my new Center of Illumination in the Peruvian and the Andromeda home, when time is right, I will share my story of discovering and learning about the galactic world through my Andromeda family.

Blue is the color of the highest frequency of love and light in Andromeda and I know the time is now when the the waterfall in the ancient cave is blue and the energy around it is all blue…it’s time of changes, time of new beginnings, time to BE..

Infinite blessings to all of you who have followed me through this great adventure…

I AM a galactic being, a light being , a human being on earth.

Much love, light and infinite gratitude,
Ariana, Andromeda