19 March 2012


Greetings, we are the , The of the Elders and the of twelve, we come through our channel at this time to make our presence known to you on . Our channel is able to hold the energies of all of these councils as she has been briefed on the members of these councils and there role in the shaping of the new earth. There is much that we have to you at this time and we are here to introduce our roles and our functions so that you may anchor this and remember us.

As now begins to vibrationally take shape for the new to unfold it is now our role to introduce the councils and how we will work with the human race. It will become knowledge amongst those who are now able to detach from the teachings of distortion and to go within and remember who we are. For many of you serve on these councils and in effect we are asking yourselves to remember YOU. Such is the distortion on planet earth that our words may trigger many who are not at a vibrationally level to accept their origins. This will rapidly change as the new unfolds across planet earth and the new is accepted and anchored within by those who have incarnated on planet earth to seed and grow the new energies.

We ask at all times for you to process our words through the heart, for the heart KNOWS TRUTH. Many are in chaos and unable to anchor the new for they are not detaching from what is taught across planet earth. This is the challenge for many in this their human life journey and we guide for all to be aware of this. The words that are shared on various platforms are hollow for all unless you are able to go within and to FEEL our energies. The time is now for the new to unfold and our channel is aware of this. The challenge for the human race is to allow the new to unfold and to allow the energies to align them with the new, for to stand in judgement of a race of BEings that are here to introduce themselves sees you locked into the scripts and the teachings of a race that sought to contain and alienate you.

The time for the movement into harmony and the work to begin to harmonise the races that are all around you with the human race is now. Many are in the distortion of planet earth being “taken over”, of races stepping in and bringing a new earth to planet earth. We guide for you to look at this distortion and to accept the limitations that it would bring. We are not here to “take over”, we are here to work closely with the human race to bring the human race into line with all other races. There is much the human race is not able to digest and we guide the time to address this is now. There are enough humans awake at a level to be able to communicate with all realms and to anchor the new, therefore those who are now fighting the chaos and logic within have choices to make. We are not here to make those choices for you, that is your choice and yours alone. We are there to help those who now ask for more evidence that the human race is not alone and we guide that the evidence for want of a better word will begin to reveal itself to all who are able to understand the energetic changes on planet earth.

For many the coming days and weeks will be challenging in the extreme as logic has no part to play in a new way of BEing for a race that has been taught for all of its existence that the universe is but a certain way. Akin to a child being shown that there is no santa but that santa is their parents we guide that many will not be able to understand the changes that are now appearing on planet earth. This is due to the holding on of the logical way of dealing with information. Logic is your challenge at all times for your world is now no longer based on the rules that were enforced by those who sought to contain and suppress you. The rules have now been dissolved. Many are now in chaos for they are trying to live by the rules that are no longer in operation. This is causing deep frustration to many and the way out of this is to go within to the heart. There is a reason for your incarnation in this timeline, dimension and planet and we guide that reason is within you. To look to others, to rely on those around you for information that is entirely personal sees you look to give the power that is YOU away. For too long human BEings have been kept vibrationally stunted in growth, that growth for many of you is now to be rapid and expansive.

For those who challenge our words we ask for you to go within, we are not here to convince for that is not our role. We will guide on the roles of the councils and we are here to ask those who are awaiting our words to take their places. To attend councils we ask for you to go into dreamtime and deep meditation and to ask to be shown. That is all that is needed for access to our councils. What will keep you from accessing is the belief that you are alone and that all is somehow a huge conspiracy. For those locked in conspiracy theories we ask for you to look at this. Why would you conspire against yourself? You are the one creating this life experience and we ask why you would have written this script within it?

There is much that will converge to allow the anchoring of the new energies and we guide the release of what is taught to you as a race is the starting point. It is new clean sheet you are offered, a new way of BEing, the choice of whether to step into that which you in essence ARE is yours. We are asking for those humans who are now ready to move in vibration to access that which was always theirs to BE.

The councils have decreed that the aligning of the human race be a joint effort between all races and at the pace and level of the highest vibration carried within the human race. We guide we have briefed those who carry this level of vibration and we ask they to take their positions. For many the questions of how they know who these humans are is now uppermost and we guide you to the knowledge of the rainbow warriors. The “legends” of this soul group have been distorted within your history books and we guide that the rainbow warriors are being briefed on the next level of that is being anchored on planet earth. We are unable to guide in depth on this subject at this time for many of the rainbow warriors are only now stirring. The cleansing and healing of the rainbow warriors is now taking place, the swords replaced with the colours of the new rainbows to reflect the peace that is now being anchored within planet earth.

These are a soul group who are here at this time and carry the blood of ALL races within their veins. They are the new humans who are now appearing all over the planet earth. You will find them by following their rainbows. For they space hold for the human race as the human race now begin to remember who they are and why they are here.

The High of Orion now calls out to all members who share lifetimes on this planetary system to remember and they send the symbol of the spider for those who are now only beginning to awaken. This will sit in session from now until the end of your April to begin to discuss ways of holding the space and how their members can assist those humans on earth who are aligned to this star system. We ask all members who are incarnated in human form to heed the call of the and to attend within dreamtime to be updated on the unfolding energies and that which will unfold energetically for all on planet earth.

The Galactic Councils also sit in session and now ask for those who are aligned with the Council of Twelve and the Council of Elders to attend the meetings that are now in session for the next couple of months. not what time you attend the meetings for time is but a teaching of distortion that many are unable or unwilling to detach from in this dimension and planet. It will be agreed in session the way forward for the deep awakening of the human race and the speed and the depth of the anchoring of the new energies. We ask for all who are aligned with these councils to attend.
Although we are now stating these councils are in session in the words that are used on planet earth the vibrational call has gone out across the universe. For those who are able to hear us on the interdimensional levels the sessions have now commenced. We ask for all to go within to process our words. On paper our words may make little sense and we fully acknowledge and appreciate this. However such is the incarnation of many souls on planet earth this is but a further symbol and sign that all is now unfolding at speed.

For many the signs and symbols, the synchronicities are now speeding up, the human BEing works on many levels the reading of words on a page but one level. As the multi dimensionality of your BEing is anchored within and you begin to detach from the depth of teachings of distortion on planet earth then you will begin to operate on all timelines and dimensions in which you exist. The symbols will merely trigger that which is within you to allow the unfolding of the new. The human race now steps into the unknown and many will trigger if they hold on tightly to what they have learned. For the learning on planet earth was distorted by those who sought to control and contain the human race.

We as a governing body in the universe are not allowed to intervene with these teachings for the law of free will is in operation and covers the entire galaxy. That is a matter of choice for the human BEing incarnated on planet earth. The galactic laws are there for all, those who sought to distort and to contain your race have been further reprimanded for their concealment of these laws. The human BEings who have been briefed of the galactic laws in operation will disseminate them across the human race as the human race is able to detach from the distortions and once more anchor TRUTH.

We guide once more for clarity, it not within the laws of the galaxy for other realms to interfere with the teachings that are in operation within planet earth. The reason that many are falling to frustration is the anchoring of these teachings. The SOUL path of many is to show their fellow humans the distortions that are in operation and how to live through them and dissolve them. We ask for those who state that something is impossible to acknowledge the lives of those who have moved past impossible. The blocks are your choices dear ones, if you choice to believe a distortion then we can guide the distortion but we are not permitted to remove it. That is the work of the human who is experiencing the distortion and the resulting block.

There is much to discuss at the councils and we warmly invite all who are able to attend. Attendance is asked for all are one and the councils are now working to integrate the planet earth into the various councils who are in operation throughout the galaxy. It is envisaged that updates akin to “Minutes of the meeting” will be posted by our channel when she is available to take through the words. Those who are in attendance may also begin to disseminate the information. We do not meet in secret, we do not meet to discuss events and situations in the absence of the human race for that is not allowed. A representative from all races are part of all councils in the galaxy. We start with the councils that have the least amount of members as vibrationally they are easier for the human race to attend. Such is the difference in vibration for many of the councils that it would not be possible for many humans to attend at once en masse. The energetic space holding would be too great at this point. However as planet earth gains in energies and vibration this will be possible and more information around the meeting of other councils that are of interest to the human race will be dissemninated.

The way of the new earth is now dear ones, no longer are you kept in the dark as to what is happening across planet earth and within your galaxy. We guide once more that attendance to the council meetings is voluntary but we anticipate a high turn out for these meetings hence the length of sessions. We are unable to explain this further in this dimension using merely words, more information is available for those who choose to interact with us. It is a choice dear ones, all is vibration in the universe, raising the vibration you hold sees you access all that has been denied to you for aeons. Those who sought to control and contain keeping your vibration artificially low to prevent access to higher dimensions.

We are confident that many are able to access our words through the heart and once more we send our love and our blessings out across the planet earth. For a race that has seen much chaos and much change you are progressing at astonishing rates. All races welcome you home. Until we communicate with you further interdimensionally we wish you peace and happiness.

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