Our tonight concerns the huge changes which are beginning to occur in your .  We are all telling you the same things in as many ways as we can find to do so.  It may seem redundant or boring to you now, but be sure, if we did not feel it necessary to drive this point at this time, we would not take up your time with it.  There are very few people living who remember living in a world that even remotely resembled the world that you will soon be living in, and the gradual way that that world changed around them would defy by most.  The changes you are going to see will be anything but gradual.  Upheaval is the word most will use to describe it.  You will need to be grounded very, very well to weather the upcoming changes with some degree of calm and be able to help your neighbors do so, as well.  Your foreknowledge of these things will be very important in assuring your ability to do this, and that is why we are taking such pains to provide you with it.  Spend some time daily centering and grounding yourself.  The effect of that will be very important for yourself and all around you.  You have proven yourselves able till now, and we know you will continue to do so.  Be ready.