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Monday, 5 March, 2012

Message for March 2012

Welcome back! March looks set to be a month of fresh and inspirational energies as we begin to feel a collective and growing sense of emergence, new life and new possibilities. In many ways, the feels cohesive but at the same time, there is still a sense of scattering and chaos, for we have reached a point where a myriad of different flows and streams of consciousness are coming together to form a more complete Whole. The journey to this point is quite frenetic though as layer upon layer of different currents merge; at first, they pull this way and that, but eventually, they come together in perfection. Whilst we know that perfection is coming, riding the chaos until then is somewhat more challenging!

This is a time to feel closely connected to all there is; to feel an integrated part of the Whole or the Universe. There is a strong drive for each of us to live with more meaning, purpose and joy, but also to live more simply as well. With the consciousness still rising, we can expect to grow increasingly more connected to both the Whole and to ourselves.

We welcome the Spring Equinox on the 20th, the moment when the Sun enters Aries. Day and night are of equal length, and this is a powerful time to make some affirmations and to declare our intentions for the path ahead.

The Full Moon is in Virgo on the 8th at 09.39 GMT and is in Aries on the 22nd at 14.37 GMT. British Summer Time begins on the 25th when the clocks leap forward by one hour…

With love,



March looks set to be a month of great shift and change on all levels of your life. It seems that you are beginning to break free from the inertia that has been thwarting your progress over recent weeks and months, and you are now ready to make a dash towards freedom! Before you take that leap, remember to stop, look and listen; in other words, don’t run before you can walk. Stepping into unknown territory never carries any guarantees, but you would be wise to think before you act in order to make the most of the extremely positive and life enhancing trend emerging in your life now. It seems clear that you will have to think quickly on your feet, but this does not mean that you have to act rashly; find the balance you can expect to feel freedom a lot quicker than you may expect…

With all of this shift and movement, it may be all too easy to lose sight of your priorities and goals; life just seems so cluttered and full! Yet through this chaos, it is important to focus and to maintain a good sense of clarity in order for you to stay connected to your own power, strength and motivation, for you are the driving force behind all of this change! You seem to be driving your own life forward through passion, belief, positivity and trust, and the more you inject these qualities into all aspects of your life, the more you create. This self-fulfilling and positive cycle looks set to inspire and empower you to explore a whole new way of living and being, as well as giving you the self-belief to reach towards your dreams…


Chip, chip. Chip, chip. This is the sound of doubt nibbling away at your recent progress. Chip, chip. Chip, chip. Despite life moving forwards in such positive and inspirational ways recently, you can’t help but wonder if it is all ‘too good to be true’. This is innately human, but this doubt is corrosive and erosive and slowly but surely undermines your self-belief and confidence. Yet, is it so hard to believe that it can be this good, and still be true? Sometimes, you have to embrace the present moment, for you can never be sure what lies around the next corner. At the same time, not embracing the present because of what may or may not happen, seems to be missing the point!

Even if things do change next month, next week or even tomorrow, it is what’s happening in the present moment that’s truly important. You have the present, it is with you now; the past is over and the future hasn’t happened yet, and it is the present moment where your power, passion and strength all reside. March looks set to be a month where you stop chipping away (ask your inner miner to have a holiday) and instead start to celebrate the magnificence and joy of what you already have. This does not mean giving up on goals and dreams that have yet to manifest, but it does suggest a need to embrace the present moment and to stop allowing doubt to erode your progress. At the same time, the more you can live in the now, the more you will begin to let go of doubt once and for all…


The March of the Penguins tells a tale of great endurance, strength and determination. The trek across that each penguin makes to become a parent, and the extreme conditions they face in the process, seems strangely apt and relevant for you as you step into March. The March of the Geminian might not have quite the same ring to it, particularly as your journey is more focused within; yet it takes no less endurance or strength. This may all sound rather daunting, but the important lesson here is that the penguins simply get on with the cycle of life, they don’t sit, ponder, procrastinate and dig before they set out on their quest; they just do it because that’s what they do!

Now this isn’t to say that you should stop questioning or exploring, for that would be like denying yourself oxygen, but it is a suggestion to stop waiting to gain a perfect sense of Self, as well as a guaranteed and clear sense of direction (including exploring all possible outcomes and scenarios in the process), before you get on with your own quest. Sometimes, you have to trust and have faith, and know that whilst you don’t have all the answers now, you can still set off with some degree of awareness and direction. You have the strength and the wisdom to deal with things that crop up on your path ahead as, and when, you need to, and it seems that the time has come for you to get yourself prepared for the journey of your life; the journey to Self. Feel the power and celebrate your readiness to transform your life from the inside, out.


March looks set to be a month of inner contemplation and outer shifts; one could say that these go hand in hand, for you cannot have one without the other. This is, in many ways, true, but which comes first, the outer shifts or the inner contemplation? Does one trigger the other, if so which?! This little conundrum seems to have been taking up a lot of your thinking time recently, for you have been unsure whether to instigate change to your life or whether to keep your focus within intending for such change to be instigated by the Universe! Before you get tied up in knots, it seems that there is a clear solution to this problem! This isn’t a chicken or egg scenario, it is a chicken and egg scenario, for you can have both. In fact, by embracing both, you are building the power and energy of each one by the instigation of the other.

Whilst this may sound complicated, it isn’t. By becoming more aware of your thoughts, beliefs, intentions and actions, you are creating a positive cycle that continually feeds itself and grows. The more you embrace the bigger picture and let go of the chicken and egg details, the more you will realise that you are already on the fast track towards positive and lasting change in your life. It seems clear that you have reached a time of your life where opportunity, abundance and enrichment seem firmly within your grasp, and the decision is yours as to how you proceed. What seems important now is accepting that your inner and outer worlds are merged and One…


March looks set to be a month of great energy, inspiration and empowerment for you. Over recent weeks and months you have worked hard to let go of a great deal of clutter and ‘stuff’ in your life connected to duty, burden and ‘ought’s’, and this release has given you more breathing space in order to reconnect to your true essence and power. This is not to say that you are likely to turn your back on those close, for that is not your way, but it seems that you are beginning to see the ways in which your energy can be depleted by those ‘takers’ in life that either expect or demand your time or attention. This realisation will enable you to re-address the balance as you begin to assert more harmony in your life.

You can look forward to a renewed sense of focus when it comes to following your bliss and stepping towards a more enriched and fulfilled way of living and being. In many ways, you are becoming more liberated as you let go of the many layers of responsibilities you have collected over the years; whilst some of these may not have been of your own making, on one level they were of your own choosing, so it is important to honour these choices as you set yourself free. There is no point berating yourself for past choices, and equally there is little sense in seeking out others to ‘blame’, for both erode your sense of Self. This is a time for you to feel whole and complete in every way; in short, this is your time of awakening…


‘It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and you’re feeling good!’ There is real passion, energy and power in these words, and they perfectly describe the air all around you as you step into March. It seems that you are fast approaching a new chapter of your life, and decisions you make now will have a huge impact on your world for years to come. Yet this is not a time to fear, for there is such an amazing energy of passion, focus and inspiration within you that this moment feels like perfect timing for you to step onto a new pathway. You seem so ready, and in many ways, you have been waiting for this moment always; yet, it still feels so uncertain and unknown, and whilst this excites you, it fills you with fear at the same time!

You are well known for your master juggling capabilities, and it seems prudent to mention the phrase ‘less is more’, for it seems that with such an energising and inspirational force rising up in your life, it is all too easy to become like the proverbial child in the sweetshop, wanting a little bit of everything! Of course, at the end of the day, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot have a little bit of everything, but quality, rather than quantity, feels more important now. It seems that you are more likely to be free to savour the sweet taste of an enriched life when there is less for you to juggle; you like to be busy, no one can deny that about you, but when that busy-ness stops you from enjoying the moment, perhaps you need to shift your priorities…


There can be no denying that your mind moves quickly and like a whirlwind; it seems that it can move so quickly that there are times that it leaves even you standing in its wake! Your mind makes you unique and special, and it is one of your defining features; it brings your life so much quality, colour and enrichment that it is easy to become caught up in the whirlwind of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and dreams. There is nothing wrong with this in many ways, but when your mind becomes too hurricane like, you can lose sight of your sense of Self, as well as missing important turnings on your pathway through life.

Of course, there is truly no such thing as a ‘wrong turn’, for every experience brings something to the table, yet it seems that your mind can become so energetic that you may feel like you are rushing ahead like a locomotive which not only never stops to re-fuel, but it moves so fast that you cannot enjoy the view either. Is life truly about getting to a destination as quickly as possible? No, you say! So, why on earth don’t you slam on the breaks and get out at the next station for some reflection and fuel? Your mind is yours after all! Okay, whilst it may not be easy to slow it down, it is possible! March sees a strong need for you to slow the pace at least a little, so you can begin to think about, and plan, your journey ahead in order to make the most of the positive and inspirational air of opportunity that looks set to come knocking over the coming days and weeks…


March looks set to see you continuing to become more at One with your Self and your life. It seems that your recent soul-searching, self-learning and self-discovery have triggered some deep and quite profound shifts on many different levels of your consciousness. The result is a sense that you are now ready to take a step forward towards pastures new in your life; whilst this step could be either physical or spiritual in essence, both of them seem likely as one impacts the other, and vice versa. In some ways though, it is your attitude to change that is more important than the type of change, for the more you positively embrace the flow, the more you can gain from the experience.

Change happens, resistance is often futile, and the more you work with this time of change to inspire and empower you, rather than to overwhelm or dis-empower you, you can expect to find an increasing feeling of liberation and freedom emerging from the whole experience. Change is never easy, but you seem ready now to shift your life from where you are now to where you want to be in order to live the best life possible. Alongside this, the more you can continue to embrace the present, the more energy you can place into your focus and intent in order to create your very own Utopian Bliss. You may scoff at such a possibility, but deep down you know that you can live blissfully and it is your belief and intent that will either support or hinder such a dream. Knowledge is power and insight is empowering; it is up to you what happens next…


March looks set to be a month of somewhat rapid and swift change in your life. It seems that you have been working hard towards transformation from the inside, out, and this has created a powerful momentum and drive in your life. You are beginning to gain a growing sense of clarity as to your true priorities and goals, and as a result, some of your dreams are beginning to fade into the background. Before you despair that you may be cutting off some of your options, know that this is a truly positive and life affirming time of your life, for you are finally gaining a true sense of purpose, and that is a wonderful feeling! There can be no denying that you are multi-talented and multi-skilled, but just how practical is it trying to do everything that interests you (and that is a LOT!) at any one moment in time?

Just because a dream is fading from importance in the present moment does not mean that it is gone forever, but it does mean that you can channel all of your energy and enthusiasm into fewer channels giving you a much clearer focus, as well as a better chance of success (otherwise you are simply too scattered). So, as change flows into your life, you now have the opportunity to re-set the balance of your life in order to create harmony, both within and without, as you begin to move forwards with clarity, confidence and passion. The key to true success here is not to get lost in grieving the temporary loss of some of your goals, but in celebrating the chance to have a clear focus in order to shape your life in the most positive and inspirational of ways…


The theme of ‘less and more’ continues in your life throughout March as you begin to gain a clearer sense of what this truly means for you and your life. Wanting a simpler life does seem to be the driving force behind this somewhat unsettling time, and you cannot help but feel ‘obliged’ to want more, for that is what is ‘expected’ and ‘right’. Yet, who expects this of you? You! It seems that you have reached a natural turning point in your life where your needs and expectations have shifted quite radically; what once felt so right, doesn’t any longer, and you are struggling to accept this, for you cannot help but feel that by wanting ‘less’, you are letting yourself down.

However, wanting less is NOT the same as being less, in fact, by having less, you grow into something more because there is less clutter in your life to get in the way and distract you. You have outgrown distractions and seem ready for more reflection, creativity and spirituality in your life now as your inner world takes on new importance and significance. Whilst your outer world obviously continues to matter on so many levels, this shift within you feels deep, lasting and quite profound, and looks set to impact your life in a myriad of ways. Once you can embrace this ‘new you’, this transition will feel natural and right; fighting your true essence is exhausting, and whilst you are only trying to do what’s best, you now seem ready to become free, to laugh, to let go and to be…


March looks set to be a month of powerful transformation in many areas of your life. Honouring and loving your Self take precedence, as it seems that these are the true keys to your inner pool of power, energy and inspiration. It can be hard to unconditionally love yourself, particularly when you feel that there are aspects of both your Self and your life that are not as you would want them. It is only human to push yourself to do more and be more, and it is also only natural to beat yourself up through your thoughts and beliefs when things don’t go quite to plan.

It seems that the time has come for you to take a step back from your perfectionist tendencies in order to celebrate the full wonder of all you have now. Giving thanks and blessings for your life may seem pointless when you are not living the ‘perfect life’, but as you well know, your thoughts shape your life, for they create an energy and intent that filters into every aspect of your existence. Therefore, by giving thanks for even the small things, you are creating an aura or energy of bliss, positivity and abundance that will grow and expand with time. So, by honouring and loving your Self you are creating a positive feedback cycle in your life that will feed your beliefs and your intent, and help you to work with this deep and powerful transformation in amazing ways. Don’t place limits on your Self or your thoughts; in other words, don’t let doubt erode this wonderful opportunity to create your very own


As you continue to embrace your full power, strength, imagination and creativity it seems that you are beginning to notice a stirring and a rumbling from within. These strange events may be unsettling, but they are in fact the preparations for a powerful burst of energy as you move through March. Like the daffodils using all of their power and might to break through the earth into the light, you are going through a similar birthing process when it comes to moving into a new chapter of your life. You have been conserving energy and preparing for this moment for some time, and whilst you are still unsure of exactly where you are heading, intuitively you know that this is an important, and somewhat inevitable, step on your path ahead.

In some ways, not knowing your destination is good for it enables you to focus your attentions onto breaking out of the soil (letting go of the restraints, the ought’s, the guilt, the expectations of others etc.). For once you are free, you are likely to see your life from a completely new perspective, and the things that once seemed so important are unlikely to have the same appeal anymore; whilst this is uncertain and unknowable, you feel excited and ready for the adventure ahead. Of course, when you have duties and responsibilities, it is not easy to simply ‘walk away’, and this shift is not about that, it is about reclaiming your sense of Self and honouring your somewhat formidable power and gifts in order to live the best life you can live. Once in this space, taking on duty and responsibility becomes easier because you do it from a position of choice and power, rather than a position of disempowerment…

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