Channeled by Shariq

Beloved Ones,

It is I, , greeting you, and enfolding you in the intricacies of light and of love that in their fluidities and expansive abilities to re-direct you, re-align you, and re-fortunize you into the gold within, the gold that does not lose value based on whether it is part of a standard of currency or not, or whether it is fluctuating in demand and supply, or not, but the gold within that is very much part of the golden frequency of light that is beginning to rapidly, exponentially explode in divine fireworks of understanding, truth, and re-orientation for all of humanity, at this time of your holographic shift in March 2012.

And so it is, beloved ones, in these frequencies of re-alignment and of a re-afiring within you of golden consciousness, Christed consciousness, I carry within this transmission a set of tones and alignments that re-direct you, re-align you, re-orient you as you so choose to see and focus on that which is being quantumly manifested in your Earth.

The aspects of the new alignments of the binary star formation that was able to be birthed by the collective, with the assistance of the Pleaidians, on February 15th of your timeline, has allowed us to bring through and reverberate through the Music of the Spheres many new tones and colors and frequencies of Christed love and light that have not been seen on your Earth plane for many eons of time.

And these tones and frequencies now are working through many forms of vehicles, both lightworkers and other aspects of humanity whose Christed fiddles within their heart spaces alighted anew on 11-11-11 are now working in new frequencies and colors of the bandwidths of the solar of light being emitted by your Sun, emitting the light of the Great Central Sun, the Christed freedoms within, and not only is this coming forward, but there is within the vehicles of the octahedral formats of all of Creation, the and all the aspects of the etheric crystals which are now being radiated to in the new color streams that are flowing exponentially through the aspectings of the focused direction of enlightenment in the highest timelines, coming from the Pleaides, working through now in many geometries and creations and expanded formats of colorings to re-align humanity rapidly now into a firing of the golden light that is effervescent and everlasting and full of the value of that which is the love for self.

And so it is, beloved ones, the energetics of the month of March continue to bubble, so to speak, and bring to the surface of the cauldron of this fire that is being lit, that which is the gold within.

But as this gold bubbles to the surface, that which has been obscuring it, that which has been dissolving it, in a sense, in a space within the cauldron, where it could not be seen, is itself being released.

And so, these times of bubblings can result in fortuitous and very specific releasings, yet it is that the gold will emerge, even it it does not seem like it at times.

And so it is, the new beginnings that are being seen within your planet are beginning to re-orient you toward the self-love and the self sense of accomplishment that has not been seen in your frequencies at the levels that are now becoming available.

For as there has been achievement in your lives, in this lifetime and in other lifetimes, there have also been wobbles, where there have been corresponding mis-appropriations and mis-creations that have left the happiness, that as it has come forward on accomplishing, to be dissolved in frequencies of disappointment, and it has not been able to be sustained.

And so it is, the frequencies of the Christed love and light that are flowing on your planet now reverberate into the fiddlings of the new musics within your heart spaces, each and every one of you, to allow for the Music of the Spheres to rekindle you, re-alight you, into the golden consciousness within, so that the love for self, the love for that which is you, continues to ameliorate you into your own ability to re-direct and re-align yourself into your highest manifestations, for it is all upon you, it is all being made available.

If you can simply focus on the gold and not on that which is being released, the obscuring aspects, as the bubbles of these changes continue to move through the month of March.

And as the interweavings of these light tones and frequencies and colors and sounds of alignment work through the octahedral formats of that which is being alighted across your Earth plane, so it is that herself is being very directly re-aligned into a set of tones and frequencies that work harmoniously and align into a set of tones that work not only through the C-sharp frequency, but also through F and G in your parlance, that work in various sets of chords to create new possibilities for aligning the dimensional equivalents into a coordination of light that will play out in quite interesting ways as the March Equinox is approached.

And so, the energetics that I have been streaming through in this transmission, as you so choose to receive them, are meant to, indeed, re-direct you, re-align you into these potentials and port-entials of alignment into Christendom and into the Christed light that is playing the music already within your heart spaces, to claim this and to know that you are already being re-divined into light.

And in this new sense of divinity and self-love, the accomplishments that you will be able to focus on, in March, as you so choose, will surprise you, for the achievements will be sudden, and they might be quite surprising, and they will be able to be sustained in ways that makes you realize that the gold within has always been, and makes you certain in ways that you have not been able to maintain for many periods of time, since the Fall of Consciousness.

And so it is, the opportunities to re-orient, re-direct and re-fine yourself now expand at this time of the beginning of March.

The first 10 days of March I can say will continue to feel like there is a sense of being mired, of some form of density to wade through.

But this will begin to be alleviated as we move towards the Ides of March, as there is a time at this point where there is an expansion potential for the light coming into your planet on a very quantum level.

And then this moves towards the March Equinox whereby there is a magnificent towering inferno of light within many, and as this comes forward then, there will be seen the ways for many to follow as the wayshowers appear in quite significant ways.

And those who are seeking for advice, as their own bubbles both within their own individual experiences, and that of the collective, come to the surface, they will be shown directly where to proceed. It will be that quick.

And it might seem as if the aspects of what I am describing is a several month or year-long process, but the timelines are compressing, and so this is my information for you today: to stay amused, to stay enlightened, and to stay within your Christed light as the music is played into these scenes of re-awakening into your own fluidities of dance, as that which has been bubbling forth allows you to now be fluid, as the light that is coming in allows you to stay away from the wobbles and stay more certainly within your spaces of self-love.

And, in this, a sense of achievement and accomplishment, will come your own sense of manifestation in ways that will surprise you, as I have said.

And so it is, beloved ones, as the fortunes of life begin to unfold in interesting ways, as the fortune within becomes engoldened in the light of truth, as the old gold standards might be resurrected or not in the fears of how to control that which is being re-oriented and re-directed in the collective, so it is that you, in your still points of seeing the golden infinities within, in the fractals of light that are being resonated through the sounds of the music that are flowing, in the various chords that I have mentioned, will allow you to work with Gaia, to know what your position is to be, where you are meant to play your role, and to be part of the orchestra of this new symphony that is more harmonious than has ever been seen for many eons of time.

And so it is, my advice to you for this month would be to be in joy, to spend time with others who you love, and grow and focus your attention on those who you feel are at frequencies that can be supportive for you, for the tierings of those who are being moved into their tracks of community will become more apparent this month, as those will choose who it is that will create their inner light to be radiated through support, and those who are not a good fit at this point.

But all will continue to converge as the year proceeds, so that the tierings of separation will continue to become more aligned into Unity Consciousness very surprisingly and very universally as the year proceeds.

And so it is, in these alignments and in these truths you find that the opportunities to massively divine yourself, re-align yourself, re-direct yourself, into the Christed gold is available at this moment.

Claim this, beloved ones.

Know that the opportunities to become one with Galactic consciousness is being made available in rapid ways, as aspects of the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions begin to touch down on your Earth, post the March Equinox.

And as this unfolds, and as the octahedral formats of the codes that are coming in across your Earth begin to integrate and be seen, and be coordinated by lightworkers, in messages that will reverberate, and bring through different pieces of the puzzle, through different lightworkers, it will be seen that the mosaics that are being created of the new patternings, while having the gold overlay within them, also contain the various multitudinous fractals of the various colors and streamings of the fluidities of all of Creation.

And in this comes the Goddess light anew at this March Equinox, in new frequencies and alignments, allowing for the creation of the Creator God/Goddess within, that is within each of you, as the gold within allows you to create in magnificent new ways your new lives in the co-creation aspects I have spoken of in the January transmission.

This will expand very rapidly post the March Equinox.

And any sense of wading through some of the density for the first few days of this month will rapidly be forgotten, as the joys of seeing who you are, in community, continue to be unfolded in unexpected and expansive ways.

And so it is, beloved ones, stay in ease, stay in joy and know that the light that is you, the light that is golden, the light that is part of the Christed consciousness, is very much, rapidly, being made one with all of humanity, and in this grows the Unity Consciousness.

Stay focused on who you are. Stay focused on those you love.

And in this, and in your self-love you come to realize you love all.

And so it is.

I am Mother Mary and I wish you much love and a beautiful, enjoyable ride through this time you came here to experience, this time of the Shift.


I am Mother Mary.

© 2012 Shariq

Shariq (“Rising Sun”), is a , , clairvoyant, healer, medium and channel for the Ascended Masters, Archangels and other Galactic & Cosmic beings of light available to assist humanity at this exciting time of planetary ascension.

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