29 February 2012


This came to me this .

From a single point I expand into a myriad of forms.
I move and there is light.
I rest and there is darkness.
I am sound and I am silence.
I AM a world unfolding.
All forms came to when I breathed.
They stretched forth above and below seeking to know me.
But I was hiding in the dark and the light.
I was watching and waiting for them to return to me.
Then my mind’s eye opened and I saw myself in them.
I realized that they were me and I was them.
They are my soul stretching and dancing on the waves of my song.
There is only one here and now
I have always been here.

I have been tuning into messages all day about the earth. I am not "thinking" about it and hypothesizing. The images are coming to me. This is a significant message that we are all there is here and now
from the core of the earth to the far reaches of the . There is nothing else. Everything is a reflection of the
one at the center. Earth is the representation of that template. Urgent: Stop focusing on things outside of you and false
promises. Our physical bodies will die without our source. Space is endless because the ONE/us creates it as we imagine it. Man made ships are no substitute for the EM Field of this planet. We will not survive on them. Life only flourishes where there is LOVE. The beings on Gaia is here because of only. There are other versions of earth but they are other dimensions of this one. There is no other planet like this one in the material universe that is like Earth. That is why everyone in the universe is here now mentally and in form.