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March 03, 2012

A warm round of applause to each and every one of my dear and beloved children; you have persevered when odds were stacked against you. You continue to forge ahead as the strong and capable children you are. Ah yes dear sons and daughters, it is your merciful and ever-loving Father also known as God, the Creator or the Source to others. Every I spend with you is a treasured beloved children. Never feel you are unwelcomed or unappreciated. I have seen your trials, bent down beside you as you prayed and held your hand during the darkest of your days. Each sorrowful is felt through me. I reciprocate those sad feelings with an intense projection of my everlasting love and divine light that will enable you to reach within yourself to the very core of your being – to your courage then to continue along the path of your incredible journey. I have lightened your way countless of times and I will continue to be the light that brings you out of the darkness and into the Light that streams from my unconditional heart.

A lot of effort is being observed from the many of you that are working towards . This is an admirable path to undertake along your journey. This part of your journey there is much to overcome, many plateaus to reach. And each one must be reached with full understanding and perfection achieved along the way of each plume of the Threefold Flame. I still see many of my children trying to rush ahead. I ask you to stop, slow down and enjoy the journey and all the discoveries that rise along the way. There is so much to discover of yourself dear ones and your own self-discovery does not begin and end in one single day or time your give to yourself. Your own inner investigation is a continual learning process that is leading you to a greater amount of knowledge and wisdom that is meant to be shared with others that are progressing along their journey.

One of the greatest and most difficult healing points in your journey for some of my children is the Act of Forgiveness. Sometimes the Ego gets in the way trying to protect the person from obvious truth, but the Ego is only creating more harm. Every event that had a traumatic outcome or held a serious and distressing outcome requires forgiveness on at least two levels – you must forgive the ones causing the harm, also you must forgive yourself. It is important for you to be able to move past all memories that have held pain and not feel anything for the memory. Other than the lessons that the memory holds, there is nothing you can do to fix the past. The past is a learning tool for your future.

Some of my children have been given glimpses of their past lives and some have not yet. Forgiveness is also beneficial to any past life event, even if you have no recollection. Make use of the Violet Flame dear children. Invoke the healing and nurturing flame to dissolve and transmute any negative energies that are derived from and past, present or lives from any other dimension. Low negativities can survive through time and cause many of my dear children to be plagued with deep grief, an overwhelming sadness, or other emotional conditions that also affect the mental stability of the mind and in the long run can have devastating effects on the human body. The Violet Flame, when used on a regular basis will help clear some of this away and leave behind a freer and lighter you in its place. Make choices dear children that are always of the highest of good.

I do have much to discuss and while I am conversing through our channel I am feeling completely delighted so far with our progress today. Within each of you dear children are seven very important vehicles. These vehicles are your chakras. They store much information and energy. I urge you to understand each one and how they are linked from one to the other. Learn about cleansing them and maintaining a healthy balance. They function 24/7 for you. Your guides can show you videos, illustrated books or people that have good chakra cleansing techniques, yet your guides cannot do the cleansing for you. In time you will know when which chakra is imbalanced and know which one has shut down. Making sure each chakra is working in perfect order is part of your path towards ascension. Just as mastering each plume of the Threefold Flame and building strong spiritual foundations. There is much for you grasp and learn yet dear children. I have unlimited faith in your abilities and your power to achieve all that you set out for yourself is limitless. Remember dear ones each time you succeed along your spiritual journey, the universe also feels your success and the uplifting energy from your efforts is felt on a global scale. This was briefly spoken of in the message from Serapis Bey yesterday – the Law of Cause and Effect otherwise known as Karma.

I do understand the difficulty to maintain an always loving attitude as you live in such hectic times. Embrace the sadness when it comes. Allow yourself sometime in solitude. Solitude is part of your self-care and inner healing of your heart, body and soul. It is where your greatest aspirations stem from and understandings emerge. Be wary of falling into the trap of self-pity during difficult moments. I have seen many of my children dawdle long here and remain for years. Recognize yourself becoming stuck and through the gentle love for yourself immerse yourself with loving and caring people, heartening and inspirational thoughts; allow your guides to support you, and listen with your heart dear children. The quicker you can draw yourself out of clutches of self-pity, the quicker you can resume your path unto the Light that will bring to my awaiting arms and back on your path towards ascension. One last comment regarding ascension in our discussion today; make a note that every step you take is towards your ascension that is either in this lifetime or in your next incarnation.

Before we conclude our discussion I would like to serve a cup of warm, comforting tea. Tea is my favourite of beverages. There is not a tea I do not like, but I do have my favourites. Today I am serving freshly grown and dried chamomile tea with sprigs of lemon rind and fresh honey – unless you prefer another kind of sweetener. Imagine the tea dear children with its lemony colour and sweet aroma steaming from the fine china pot that is delicately molded and shaped. The of such a fine piece of work hand painted delicate Spring flowers with colourful butterflies dancing nearly literally off the belly of the pot. As the tea steeps, I am preparing cups of a matching design. While we wait for the tea to steep we can have will light conversation and enjoy each other’s company. The tea is hot, and is ready to be poured. I have poured half a cup into each cup that is before you. When you are ready for more, you only need to mention you would like a little more. I am always glad to have tea. Taking the time to have a cup of tea gives your mind a little mental break from all its worries concerns when you include others. Allow our time today be something of a vacation, even if it is only for a few precious minutes. They will remain forever as valuable memories in days to come to both of us. Take as long as you need to drink your tea, tea should not be rushed. Once you have had enough refreshing tea and pleasant conversation, know in your heart you can always connect with me even without tea. I AM closer than you realize sometimes children. Reach for me when you are in need of comfort and be prepared to receive the warmest embrace that will flood your entire body with incredible warmth.

Move through your day with love flowing through your thoughts, your actions, and your spoken and written word and through all of your feelings. My beautiful children so very much.

The Creator through Julie Miller