I am here to day to tell you all of a new development in the times of the earth. There is to be a mass exodus of many of the members of the in the next few days. This has come into being in the past few weeks. Now that it is nearing the stage where it will come into the public light, it is for those who have agreed to remain, to face what is to come. It is in the activation of the benefits of exposing these members and all that has taken place over the centuries that they have been in collusion with each other.

It is family members of the cabal that I speak of now, for obviously some of those I speak of are no longer on earth, or have returned, incarnated as present day members of the cabal. They have been following an incarnate line that has been established since the times of the Annunakie’s presence on the , and as they have reincarnated they have carried through on their promises that were established in those times.


It is now time for them to end those lines of dedication to their mission within the of the cabal. It is time for them to show the world that they have been following a long hidden line of commitment that has turned into something that far surpasses what their original mission was. They have gone far beyond anything that they could imagine would happen. It is a of falling into a trap that brought to itself more of what it was, bringing them into a never ending that they could not see as being the potential end of their existence.


We have come to this in our mission where we have had to take steps with the permission if The Creator Source to bring to an end their unending spiral into nothingness. That is because they have gone beyond what was to have taken place. That now is being straightened out into a reverse action energy output. It is now a case of the energy being stopped in its tracks and the upward spiral is ever increasingly coming back to the light. It is not a matter of any part of that downward spiral continuing. It is a matter of the reverse spin coming forward to the of original Light and Love, with peace and joy in the freedom of living life in complete harmony with all of life.


As the revelations come forth, and the people of the world see what has been behind all of the historical extremes that have been hidden, they will begin to realize how they have been en-captured and brought to a place so far from where they began. They will see that there is no point in bringing hate to the equation, for that will just bring more of it and a slowing down of the rising up of the Light and Love. It will be a matter of the people seeing the benefits of compassion and forgiveness, for they will feel the fear resonating through their beingness should they have a thought of a feeling of that . That will show them that it is far better to love and forgive, than to carry any feelings of revenge or anything else that comes from the old way of being that has enslaved them. The people will be able to tune in to the ways of living in harmony, and they will choose that over the flagrant misuse of the emotion of fear. It will be a matter of coming to the truth of their beingness and honoring it.


I tell you this because in the event that this news should spring forth sooner than is expected through the , it will be because it has been seen to be the final entry into the disclosure not only of the truth of our off planet family, but of what has to be revealed about how the life on earth has evolved to this point. Our allies from off planet, out into all parts of the universe, are behind us in this instant, as they have been for a very long time. They are ready to come to our assistance in bringing the truth to the shores of our land and to come to assist us in any way they can in the rebuilding of , in the memory of what it is destined to be.


All of you who are reading this message, and any others of this nature, are invited to share it with any of those who have not read it. It is a part of their opening up to the truth of who they are. If they express an interest in what you are speaking of, or reading, then it is time for them to be exposed to a reminder of who they are and what they are ready to begin to open up to in their knowingness."