Channeler: Christine Anne K.

Published March 14, 2012

Introduction in stellar language and melody

Greetings, and distant Friends and of the Earth. For us the Solar system is barely noticeable, yet very important in these moments in our Universe.

Let me introduce myself, Nnagala 'Illa 'S, I live as well as my Brothers and Sisters in a location situated in the fringe C of this Universe. That is, from your point of view, in its boundaries. Our vibrations will show traces of this state, which is not strictly a limit, but is nearing the end of a state, and yet maintaining that state.

I can’t tell you if We inhabit a planet, because these concepts have no great interest nor form in this fringe We dwell in – no material allows a conglomerate of life assembled the way You use to know in your own state. There are other forms, which I have not come to describe you.

You are very specifically in , Earthlings, dear Brothers and Sisters, in your form that is not ours, with Us. This is most precise, established, and specific. This We usually do not care particularly about, since it’s existence does not affect our life in our systems, at least not in a way we know. In fact it does : today this between Us and You has a sheer importance, both for You and for Us.

We are, Us, my Brothers and Sisters and I, therefore in Resonance with the vibrational changes You are going through right now. What makes that We are therefore Ourselves in a significant vibrations rising process.

So what happens on Earth is also happening in another form to Us in this Fringe C of our Universe – which again is as far away in distance as much as in shape.

So I’m somehow appointed in this communication to share with You not only a few feelings, but some data We have collected, that I will give You through a quite unusual system, because your form of intelligence and ours do not have at all the same parameters in their shape and flow. So there will be an important data conversion, and a conversion tool that allows to treat these. This is also what allows me to achieve this communication through a human voice – which nevertheless, due to the Resonance existing between Us, is not vibrationally difficult : on the contrary, this is a joy I do appreciate as soon as installed in this communication. Know that it is the first time for me, and certainly for you too…

So I did say I would share some data with You. Why ? For the sake of friendship and Resonance first, then in a second aspect of this “why” : the huge difference in paradigm which We ourselves are functioning in, makes that this data set should introduce (in principle) to You some elements of observations and integration, and even of control of what is happening to You, that are configured in a different form than what your usual thinking and evaluating processes allow to realize.

This shows the advantage, I think, to open some prospective to You… And maybe, who knows, to help some of your scientists to understand better some of the aspects of what they observe – for example at the level of the laws of matter and of astrophysics- and in which they stumbled on some miscomprehensions, or misunderstandings due to the lack of some means of observation fully adequate with all what they seek to observe and analyze.

So the data systems I’m bringing You –with their own configurations having been submitted to the conversion I mentioned- are likely to provide You with the vision, approach and understanding from different angles, of elements that You think You know but that perhaps You do apprehend only partially. In return, know that We are very pleased to benefit, still through the laws of the Resonance tied between us, from your paradigm, elements that in reverse, will allow Us to apprehend differently, and in complementary ways, what is going on from the eyes of our own observers and through our own experience.

So we are linked together and yet very different, and we evolve in a similar way without really knowing eachother. This is a law of the particles physics and of systems, that we are just in this very state a simple example of.

This brings me to my announced transmission. So I will not give, but show You a glimpse of the possibility of this tool, able to convert, on your side, the data issued in the form which is ours. If you do understand, I can not give You this tool because I do not have, due to my form, the power to do this : so I can only offer You this glimpse of what it is, and it is up to you to provide it with a shape so that You can use it… But it does contain all the proposals You need in order to perform this easily. This is at least Our opinion.

Here is how I can give You that glimpse of what I just outlined, designating it as conversion tool :

Sequence of sound-items and powerful blasts

The elements I just gave You are the elements allowing to format this data conversion instrument. I am able now – and please do not worry having time or not to format this tool, this concept does not fit our paradigm – I can transmit data right now ! (There is no impediment of linear time, nor of form, in my doing it immediately no matter how much time it would take You to realize your conversion tool : this has no side effect and no contraindication).

Set of data transferred in form of sounds, then silent

I think that in the silence that now is the vehicle of my inaudible transmission, you will get some vibratory sensations in your bodies… Probably in your chest and your heart area. Probably in the peripheral zone of your head, and associated with perceptions in your ears. Probably in your spine … Do not take such sensations as any possible intrusion : this is not the way we communicate. We fully respect your body’s integrity.

I invite you to take a few big gulps of breath, because I know that your respiratory system has a large effect into integrating, energizing and pacifying your entire body. We do not have a respiratory system, but We have other forms.


I send you now, and this is my choice : the inner image of an owl with open wings. I will not explain you why, since it makes no sense to me; this is the form and the animal I chose as most appropriate.


I apologize in advance for the amount of data included in this communication because I won’t necessarily be able to come again … I am myself in the process of collecting certain items to relay to my Brothers and Sisters, for our greatest shared benefit, You and Us.


Now the image I have chosen to present is that of a circle whose circumference rotates at high speed on itself, clockwise as You say.


Practice your breathing well my Very Dear Brothers and Sisters of Earth. It appears to me a pleasant evidence that your breathing is part of your formatting of the conversion tool I have given You a glimpse of… I am also seeing that the power of your breath is sending some data I have wanted to receive through this sharing.

Breath … wind ..

I am amazed : I can notice that your breath does generate light ! It seems that it is generating light not into yourselves only, but also among You … This is a joyous discovery that I’ll have great pleasure to share with my Brothers and Sisters – and we will find a way to Resonate with You, and throughout You and Us, in the Joy of that breath which is yours, and in the joy of what I have transmitted to You, which has no name for You but, know it, believe it, admit it : is very beneficial and rewarding throughout our difference and our Resonance – as I did explained.

Fatigue overtakes me and I need to retire … It is uncomfortable for me to stay long in the form imposed by this communication.

I salute you. Nnagala ‘Illa, fringe C of this universe – Your Resonant Brothers and Sisters.


Channeled via Christine Anne K. March 13, 2012

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