Apparently, the beachings of the whales are caused by weaponized sonar…

And there is more… There is an unknown marine mammalian predator out there. Intelligent. It communicates with dolphins and whales but is not one of them. It also attacks sharks (apparently with tools/weapons). It also is being wounded/killed by sonar. The biological details are astounding… They are humanlike!

The word 'mermaids' is crossing my mind… But this is not a Disney cartoon. This is serious.

The researchers meticulously and scientifically investigated each aspect of this creature before they came to their conclusions.

And like other astounding findings… it is again being suppressed! They were raided and all of their material were being confiscated! Not by ordinary police, but by very smooth secret agents.

And why is the secretly killing the whales and these creatures with weaponized sonar?

And why are we hearing the strange sonar priming sounds in the air lately?

This very well made and fascinating documentary is an incredible eye opener! Absolutely a must see! Everyone must know this!



NOAA's deep-sea acoustic research project, amazing unidentified sounds being heard in our oceans. This is in English with Chinese subtitles.

Listen at the 8:00 mark (8:23)…does that strange sound…..sound familiar?

The prepping of the sonar blast….does it not sound like the strange sounds heard around the world as of late?