’s Weekly Message ~ March 02 – 09, 2012
Channeled by:
March 02, 2012

Mindfulness dear ones is essential to your return to God in the life you are presently incarnated in. This very important part is something that many yet to do have. I still see more often than not, misconceptions of other dear ones that think by a simple declaration of faith in the name of our Dear Jesus automatically delivers them to the magistrates of spiritual ecstasy and heaven. Regrettably this is not so. It is required dear ones that you balance every little speck and every part of Karma has been dealt with.

I will try to explain Karma dear ones. The word Karma is a Sanskrit word that means action. There has been several misconceptions regarding karma being a form of punishment for previous actions done in this life or other past lives that were not of the highest of good. Karma dear ones is neither nor jury. Simply it is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. There is much information available to you through the World Wide Web, otherwise known as the Internet. Karma is also thought to refer to the work we have waiting for us, which includes lessons derived from our past and present lives.

Part of your work along your spiritual journey is to understand your individual relationship to those around you and to the many spiritual beings that are from the cosmos above. This is based on the attitude that your individual behaviour reflects a universal pattern; the tiniest act – a thought even can have an massive influence. The energies your thoughts and actions harvest can cover the entire planet, or even beyond the skies you see night and day in the blink of your eye. When you examine Karma and look for clues about your planned and , you will come to understand your own blueprint and how you are impacting all that is around you and more. The more you understand the more your own map will become clear. I urge you dear ones to examine yourself; your inner self upon meditation also whenever possible. Seek through your guides or Masters what is in store for you through the Laws of Cause and Effect and clear and accept all that becomes readily available to you for understanding.

In some schools that offer spiritual instruction, I am considered the disciplinarian. Self-discipline is an essential part that will help prepare you for the path of . People have been ascending from every continent and from every religious creed. And each one has achieved their through the disciplines of love. There have been many current people named as saints who have earned their . One is Pope John XXIII and another is Saint Therese of Lisieux and there are more dear ones. These examples I provided are to show you what dedication and commitment to God and to living through your can achieve.

The committed discipline for the beginning stages of ascension to your higher awareness can only begin with love. Your heart dear ones and your are shaped and nurtured with love from God, by the greatest , and Heavenly Father. When you end the cycles that have been long instilled that are of limited power and possibilities and turn that around into infinite power and infinite possibilities due to the pureness of your heart you will experience a blossoming of pure . Through this you be directed to learning and understanding your true calling and divine purpose.

Each of you dear ones are given a special and purpose that is to be achieved. Many of dear souls who have walked in the path of Light have already fulfilled a great part of their inner soul and now seeking the great path to the reunification with God. I see many question regarding what their soul or purpose is. Seek your answers through your dear hearts. Do not ask with any amount of Egotism. Dissolving the Ego is yet another area to work on while moving along your journey towards your eventual ascension. Among other requirements for your ascension is the balancing of the Threefold Flame. Understanding and utilizing each flame into your everyday living as ONE. Through the Threefold Flame you will be able to align the four lower bodies, etheric, mental, emotional and physical body. You do this so they can be pure vessels for the flame of the Holy Spirit which is represented within the Threefold Flame. The Threefold Flame is where you begin building your foundation that will propel you along and towards spiritual achievement.

Dear ones, your life must become an open frequency for the power, the peace, the healing and the supply of your I AM Presence with is one with the Source of all Life – God. This dear ones is your reason for Being, and for this you were born into the world. Once you fulfill this purpose, then you will know peace and happiness. Urge your external perception against your I AM Presence until you can truly and enthusiastically feel its strength and power. You will feel its omnipresence and omnipotence. It is vital for your health and well-being. It is peace and it is power. Allow yourself to be exposed to the influence of your I AM Presence and to God in order to feel it’s presence alive within you and flowing through you to expand the very core of your heart center.

I AM very excited watching each of you push and work so hard to learn so much. I commend each of you and remind you all that there is no rush to the achievement of Oneness with your own heart that forever links you infinitely with God. And there is no rush to how quickly you reach ascension. You cannot pass over necessary lessons that will only slow you down later on. You will succeed your aim for ascension when you are meant to. Take your time dear ones and learn each and every lesson well. Build your foundations strong and allow your guides to lead you to your next course that will bring your further to your goals.

My time here with you through our dear vessel has been incredibly enjoyable. Please seek my guidance or other Ascension Masters for further instruction and understanding. My love and dedication to each of you is as endless as Time itself.

And so it is, Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller