Each and every world and galaxy alike go through collective lessons which see such collective souls more advanced on their ascension paths. The process of ascension is one which is continually happening to each and every collective and 'individual'. We say individual with such quotations because indeed, even what can be seen as an individual human is composed of a collective of organs, blood cells and such and these things all carry consciousness.

Imagine how your bodies are constructed of souls who are progressing along and following an ascension and awareness path such as you are, only while such souls are undergoing such lessons they are also working to keep your temple which is their planet, healthy and functional. The humans of Gaia are indeed Her cells, and your current society has been knotted up about taking care of Gaia. While many societies and cultures of your history did recognize the importance of keeping Gaia healthy and thanking Her for all that She offers you, your current society has taken to many means of harming Gaia.

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