The illusion is cropping up all around many of you in your times of great distress, and the constraints that you have placed over yourselves for so long are making their final stands while attempting to convince you that you do not possess or hold the higher dimensional abilities that are prevalent in the spirit complexes of each and every soul incarnate on at this time.

It is important now for us to stress the importance of your making an effort to feel only feelings of the highest and purest expressions of the Joy and Love that you are growing toward each and every of your experience.

Indeed, one cannot find the energies of Love while they are themselves stressed and continually letting in and feeding the lower energies of illusory limitation that are again, making their final stands. We watch over you in your daily efforts and endeavors, and we wish dearly that you beautiful souls of Earth could realize the assistance you are being given from across the veil.

You are being pushed to choose the energies of Love over the energies that you have grown used to and that are consistently reproduced in your spirit complexes upon your feeling of such things. The importance of you doing so has never been stronger than it is now, as the realized power that you hold within yourselves is growing exponentially in purity every day and indeed, every moment of your existence.

The power that you hold within is now beginning to express itself in marvelous ways and in ways that will be getting your attention. Have you been feeling the numerous shifts from numerous states of consciousness that you have been undergoing throughout your days?

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