Another reason we prefer telepathically channeled communications is because doing so does not call for an overexpansion of ego on the part of the souls we communicate with, as the freewill-instated belief that the contact may not be real, is still available to the souls we are communicating with.;
We anticipate much upheaval when this final test comes before you all as a collective, and it will help to lay the foundation of truth by beginning all that we have to tell you with the information about the former minions of the Annunaki who have assume positions of power across your world, and all that they have done to this world and to you who inhabit this world.;
Indeed, the souls who you know as the Illuminati and who also possess various other nicknames have been with you all as well since before Atlantis and Lemuria and certainly since their fall. They have attempted to control the world in various different time periods, as various different secretive families and sects .;
These souls who we speak of are the manifestation of the lower vibrations that have been produced on Earth for so very long whist you have all inhabited the lower realms. Of course, this was the only role such souls were meant to fill; they incarnated on Earth to show you your collective darkness on a that would get your attention, but of course the lower vibrational darkness they have been exposed to whist fulfilling such a role has seen them hungry for low vibrations and as a result, they use their positions of power which they have assumed through mass deception to continually feed very low, dense vibrations on a mass, ritualistic .;
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