(New Paradigm ) Aloha! Well, it's that time of month on a leap year yet! Below is this week's Pele along with a written extended for the next 3 months. Personally, I think the best of all is the hour long interview on Law of Attraction radio where there is a lot more information about the flowing tides of evolution these days.

Astrology Forecast for March, April, and May 2012:

“We’re captive on a merry-go-round of time…"

The months of March, April and May will feel much like this merry-go-round of time is picking up by the day! If you recall the experience, it becomes more challenging (and more exciting for some) to hold on the faster the merry-go-round spins! In addition to the centrifugal force throwing us away from the center we may also imagine the horses on the merry-go-round that go up and down and up and down….. perhaps fun for the kids but this may not feel like so much fun when it comes to your , relationships, and future ambitions. Just what is that “something” that is creating, maintaining, and increasing the speed, why, and what will be the result(s).

Astrology sees this “something” as a “Collective, Universal Intelligence” (CUI), none other than God, Source, Creator, or one of a thousand other names. This CUI is constantly evolving and expanding AND is (in) each one of us. As we expand, grow, and become more aware we are like individual rays of sunlight reaching farther and farther into the darkness of eternal space. As we evolve, CUI evolves as CUI is evolving through us. And just as the physical universe is expanding like a big hot air balloon, so is our consciousness, and the wheels spin faster the bigger we get.

Secondly, astrology says that the CUI is mirrored in the current configurations of stars and planets (as well as our own souls). It uses the various constellations and planetary patterns as a guide to the cycles within which this growth and evolution occur. As such, we can see that the months of March, April, and May will continue and increase the speed of evolutionary change for all of us. The major purpose behind this speeding up process is exactly akin to the merry-go-round example – we’re letting go of all the debris; the past, the weaknesses and fears that have been holding us back for many incarnations. We simply can no longer hold onto these old beliefs, relationships, false sources of security, lies, and BS that we have been telling ourselves as the speed and intensity of change demand ever quickening responses to Life’s new demands. It is time to get with it, pick up the pace…. There is no return to the past, waiting for things to slow back down to “normal”, or worse yet, putting a foot out and trying to stop the merry-go-round = OUCH!

What astrology says is that all of this is actually GOOD for us and is going to help us, each other, and the whole planet survive, thrive, and prosper in the future decades to come, like pruning a tree, cleaning out the garage, or losing a few pounds helps make for a better future. This spring cleaning is a time to clean out our psychic and emotional/relationship lives as well as physical/financial. The pressure is going to squeeze us like a deep sea sponge and then we’re all going to get dipped is some sweet, clean, fresh, spring water and soak it all up.

So let’s get more specific. The Mars/ opposition squaring the Moon’s nodes through these months (peaking once on March 22-23 and again on May 1-2) symbolizes a time period wherein we need to face some of our darkest fears so as to release the pride, the cunning, and the smarty within us enough to open up and listen to a greater wisdom, a greater truth, and a bigger reality than the little box we have falsely imagined we could master in our lifetime. This is a great period of humbling that is designed by the CUI to help us become aware of even greater forces that work both within the world and deep down within ourselves.

What will this look like? Through the beginning in March there will be a number of new, radical, revelations/information set loose upon us that will open our eyes to much that has been hidden for eons of time, politically, economically, and internally. It is a time of great revelation, when “shock and awe” will pull back the veils of our sleepy selves and awaken us to not only the need to ACT but to new, latent capacities within that will increase our own personal power to change our lives for the better. The only losers here will be those who don’t “” and think it better to “duck and cover” as they will get left behind in the dust.

Come April, Pluto will station and go retrograde about the same time as Mars turns and goes direct (the 10/13 respectively). This will be a time of tearing down and tearing out that (and those) that have held us back/down for too long. The walls of Jericho will be coming down in the form of leaders, false figureheads and officials, institutions and individuals resisting the new world. We have already seen some and governmental shakeups and these will continue and increase. The global economy will be squeezed like a sponge (despite what we are being told), sending the middle class rapidly either up or down, for this is a time of extremes, designed by the CUI to awaken us to the results of our past actions either conscious or done in our “sleep”.

May continues the excitement, with the solar eclipse occurring on the 20th right on the cusp of Taurus/Gemini. In the midst of all the chaos, confusion, and delirium that will be occurring through these months the opportunities to be seized will be numerous. This is also a time when great new heroes and heroines arise from obscurity to show new pathways toward freedom (and that could be YOU!). The grand trine of Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto that occurs through much of these three months reflects the possibility of forging new sources of income, security, and personal power. The breaking up of the old is making way for the new, original and creative impulses to grow and ripen not only in the socio-cultural revolution that is upon us but within our own hearts, souls, and minds.

For the bottom line of this change is the rebalancing of the masculine/feminine polarity which will involve a restructuring of our values both personally and collectively. The feminine has been repressed and dominated by the masculine for far too long. It is time to value BEING as much as DOING, RELAXING as much as PUSHING, LISTENING as much as CONVINCING, FEELING as much as THINKING/ACTING, and UNITING as much as SEPERATING. We will be seeing the cracks in the old structures based on outmoded thought forms that exclude rather than include, dominate rather than support, and judge rather than love. It is a time period of coming into clarity about just who we are and what kind of world we want to create.

I encourage you not to get fooled by the flurry of media crazed, , and corporate/governmental driven selling of “cures,” be they pharmaceutical, fashionable, and/or superficial, but to make fundamental changes in the lifestyle you are living. The more simple, (and simple can be elegant let us not forget!), natural, and non-evasive we can live, the longer we may all survive and prosper. The coming together of individuals into groups of like-minded souls will serve to strengthen our individual resolve, and soothe the perhaps sore muscles from creating this global change.

Lastly, let’s not forget that the closer you get to the center of the merry-go-round the less the pressure, speed, and force tend to throw you off balance. This is also a time to center ourselves in our creative spiritual potential and throw off limiting core beliefs such as that we need such and such,or so and so to give us this or provide us with that. As we take more and more responsibility for our feelings of joy, sadness, anger, or grief, we will grow less dependent on others, partners, bosses, government agencies, religious institutions, and global corporations to serve up fulfillment, and falsely pretend to “make us happy”. May you forever inch your way closer and closer to center of the wheel, the core of your being, and the source of all creation through not only the spring, but the summer, fall and winter of 2012

Source: Earth-Matters