4 March 2012 Channeler: Ute

Dear friends
so how do the sun activities actually feel in your case? In the last months I have been just in bliss with all these energies working in my . Now there is another ingredient coming to it. 
Last night I woke up while gigantic waves of light were vibrating through my body. They were so powerful that I thought I would explode and I had to get up to become fully awake. These energies were rippling with a force through my body I have never felt before. I could see and feel their wave forms washing from above and down my body. They were of a radiant bright light which overtook my body and I felt their shine surrounding it. 
My head seemed to be transparent with this light, but do not think that this was only "ethereal" and sweet like in a fairy tale. No, my body was b-u-r-n-i-n-g and it felt like I was connected to a high voltage power line! This was a power w-a-y beyond my own body-electrics (and I have experienced a lot of powerful fires in my body in the past) but this time I started to shake from top to toe. This all-consuming fire was absolutely beyond "me". So I began to wander around to try to integrate this with my body.

 This process still goes on, and it has been building up in the last days. But last night was peak level. I know that we have this M3-class solar flare at the moment, but wondering what will happen, if the activity of the Sun continues to even grow stronger.
I am partially feeling burning alive with the intensity of this vehement fire. 
Fear? No, but a bit concern, I must admit. Would I survive this? Our bodies are so fragile. "Don't worry",  my guides say. "You will adjust".
So we go one step at a time. The cosmic intelligence knows what it is doing. The joy, literally in the midst of it, as it is in the heart, is the safe place to dance with these enormities. 
I figure the reason that I feel the activities of the Sun stronger than ever before is my intensified connection through my "Conversation" with her. Since then I seem to be directly wired with her.  In addition I have an extremely sensitive system. 

Well, these high voltages are the ones who create our new crystalline body, who implant the codes to awaken our "junk DNA" and bring us the promise of the new era. And if it means we are shaken to the bones, I guess we all will take it for blessings and welcome the Divine charge.

I am just wondering about all my other sisters and brothers. I'd like to exchange our experiences with the flairs, this is a collective adventure of evolution and sharing is so necessary. 

So – thank you so much for sharing yours!

Much love,

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