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Masters have no for followers, for they are aware of the totality of all within their own being.

January, February, March and finally we have something more to say to you. Your world has something to say to you, too, if you can hear the in her rumblings.

What is the core message? It is the same, from us and from your mothership : Nearly here is the opening of the portal that leads conscious understanding to see what it means to be human.

What you see now falling at your feet is the rubble of yesterday’s empire. Let the dust settle. From the one source of vibration, reverberations shake and put the pieces out of order into chaos and from there it all falls into place. No master of doom will have anything to say when the time comes for another day to become arranged.

There is not the inevitability of control imposed upon you from within the demonically minded keepers of present power. Because they possess a of power that cannot stand in the face of Love’s advancing ranks. They can do little when their plans need a new focus. That’s where we come in. We, you and us, together.

The power of your collective preference to end your enslavement is kicking into higher gear, and friends and family are here, just around the next bend, to help you make the ending chapter of the power-hungry so-called leaders of the planet into the kind of story that will be talked about for generations to come.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the people of an awakened Earth are raising their power to say how they feel about what has been going on behind the scenes, to say what they think about the need for endless streams of corruption to come to a halt, and for justice to unfurl her legacy and blindless see the truth for what it is, for the benefit of each and every soul that has embodied on the planet.

It’s not about the minutiae of interdimensional physics that we are speaking, nor of the drama finally stepping out from behind the curtain and into full view. It is about the need for, and the ability of, human beings to recognize who and what they are and claim their rightful place within the cosmic reality of freely living citizens of their own best world. Do you see the difference? It’s up to you to open your eyes. Now would be a good time to see the truth before you.

It isn’t the time to let fear have another fraction of your attention, for its reign is at an end. In whatever form that takes, does it matter? Just tell yourself that it’s all working out the way it needs to, that sinister plots are in the works and that the power of fear is nothing but a whisper compared to the bold, wild entirety of knowing blasting its cleansing vibration through the rubble of yesterday’s solidity.

In the dust of the aftermath, as a new wind brings new life, gain the strength of solidarity of mind, community of mind, and give the demons no more of your time.