20 March 2012


Dear Friends,

Spring Equinox is Monday, March 19 at 11:15 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a solid and earthy time for grounding your intentions and setting things up for the next few months. Be sure you take some time to honor the spring equinox as a powerful time of birth and renewal,and to think about what you want as opposed to what you think you should want or you think others expect you to want. Revisit your life at this point and ask yourself whether you are just going through the motions of your life day to day without truly being present or enjoying the experience, or whether you are present, engaged, grateful and inspired. You may get some practical clarity that will manifest in positive change.

The on Thursday, March 22 comes on the heels of the Equinox, at 8:38 AM Mountain Daylight Time. This provides an exclamation point to the energies of the change of seasons and especially marks the theme of birth. Honor what is newly birthed and what is being reset into a new pattern. Allow yourself some rest especially if you feel deeply worn out or taxed due to the levels of the moving center. Remember to come from gratitude and to make some change in your personal environment if you have not already done so. Some of you may be inspired to do a bit of spring cleaning. Clean away!



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New Moon: Sun and Moon in Aries 2º
Thursday, March 22 8:38 AM MDT/2:38 AM GMT

We renew ourselves at every level as the Sun moves out of the final degrees of watery, languid Pisces and bursts forth through the fiery enthusiasm of the first degree of Aries. The powerful Spring Equinox on Monday, March 19 marks equal day/equal night. The astrological year commences at this fertile point and is considered one of the four major power points of the year along with the summer/winter solstices and . follows just days later. The energy here is of new beginnings. Any New Moon cycle calls on us to reset our intention for the next cycle of increase and culmination, and the Sun’s movement into the new season greatly magnifies the power of defining a clear path for Spirit to fulfill our intentions. The power of creative intelligence and visualization is great in this window of the first and early degrees of Aries.

The fires are burning brightly to potentialize this initiatory phase we are passing through. The alignment of planets in Aries is heavily weighted with Mercury, Moon, Sun, Uranus, Vesta and Ceres all in the sign ruled by the very yang, positive planet Mars augmenting our enthusiasm, courage, innocence, brashness and impatience for action. Aries is about the Self, the head and face, innovation, our instinctual reactions, our Warrior nature – the cry is “I AM”. Of course, that rich eagerness leads the less balanced parts of ourselves to lean towards selfishness, vanity, fiery outbursts of anger, and impulsiveness. Act first, think later. Which can have its place, but also its consequences. Aries is the young hero/heroine in all of us out to seek adventure, create, see ourselves reflected in the world and answer the question ‘ I? Now?

There’s a little something else going on in this chart though, something I think many feel at their gut level. There’s an on-going Grand Cross or formed by the North/South nodes squaring Mars on one hand and on the other. (Continuing roughly from the Full Moon of March 8 to Full Moon of May 5) The Nodes always point us in the direction where we are revisiting and healing our past experiences and issues and where we need to stretch and grow and embrace the new. is opening wounds buried deep within the psyche offering an opportunity to clear anger and fear issues represented by Mars. War has taken its toll on our souls. The Nodes sit on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis helping us let go of our mental traps and small-mind need for constant stimulation and logical explanations for life and broaden our philosophical horizons and let meaning and deep connection with truth lead our hearts. The masculine, symbolized by Mars square the nodal axis and opposite , is coming to the time of laying down its role as the dominant, logical paradigm of the last few thousand years. There’s plenty of saber rattling still going on in the world, but now we enter a time of healing that deep wound of unchecked masculine dominating the feminine aspects of life. We honor and bless the elements that played out this drama of duality that was so necessary for the collective consciousness.

Now we get to hold the light for this current intense period of transition. The next few years of Uranus and Pluto making seven exact squares through 2015 (June 24 and Sept 18, 2012 for this year) will be a time of revolutionary activity, evolving to a greater level of consciousness, and practicing more efficiency in embracing changing circumstances. Mars’ current long retrograde stay in Virgo for eight months instead of the usual two (Nov. 2011 to July 2012) is not about criticizing what’s seemingly external to us, but about seeking our calling and finding our true service, focusing on the present moment, and letting go of the victim stance.

Feminine asteroid Juno who expresses through relatedness and committed relationship is also on a three-month journey with the North Node. A commitment to our own wholeness, relationship that is equal and reciprocal, and a shared vision in place of fanatic beliefs is our point of growth. Take time now to know at a very deep level what is important to you in your relationships. Make clear to yourself from your heart what you are committed to. It’s an ongoing theme for the season. I’m looking forward to the annular solar eclipse visible in the West of the on May 20th where a narrow ring of the Sun is visible beyond the Moon. It will mark the opening of the two-eclipse package, the visible Transit of Venus (June 5) and the first exact square of Uranus and Pluto on June 24 that could prove to be a very externally active period.

Celebrate the Equinox!

04/04 Mercury goes direct
04/06 Full Moon in Libra – SuperMoon 1:19PM MDT
04/10 Pluto goes retrograde for 5 months
04/13 Mars goes direct
04/21 New Moon in Taurus 1:20 AM MDT