4 March 2012

Karma or as we prefer is an accumulation of from all past lives and this very you are involved in today. It can be a complicated aspect of your journey through time, in all its dimensions, or it can be viewed as an aspect that no longer has any relevance and can be released easily and safely at this time.

As changes her energies and moves forward on her Ascension Plan, so too are all those who choose to move along their own path and clearing accumulated energies will help you to move more easily and joyfully. It has taken many life experiences for some of you to experience that which you chose to experience when your agreements were made for this dimension, to experience aspects and life within a physical body. This naturally causes complications as looking after the limitations of a physicality add another dimension to the challenge.

Having free will is a further complication as is finding the balance between remaining in a state of grace and connection whilst battling the temptations of the lower energies, of the temptation of accumulations of false glamour, of your materialism, all distract your soul and your core being from the very essence of who you truly are.
Some of your life experiences were planned ones for you to learn from, others were of a deviation from the distractions of life on Earth, so all put together much can be accumulated that is carried forward into this life.

NOW is the very best, the most auspicious time to release those accumulated energies, to let them float away from you with love and joy, let them be released with laughter and joy, with happiness and gladness. Relish in the experiences you have faced, smile at the distractions you have got caught up in, forgive yourself and others for any events, thoughts, intentions and actions that have not been in the best interests of yourself, other people, other living beings and indeed your beautiful home Mother Earth.

For as you release willingly, lovingly and freely all those energies and thoughts, conscious or unconscious, known or unknown, understood or not understood, then you are relieving your cellular structure, your crystalline grid, your DNA, every single aspect of yourself up to the Light, up to Source, up to the God-Head for as you pass this accumulated energy up to the Light, it will be cleansed and cleared and showered with golden light of such sparkly magnificence, for God is the great forgiver, the great fount of love and delight and beauty, of peace and glory.
So those energies will be cleaned and polished and sparkled and energised and you will be filled with golden light, love and peace. You will be free to move forwards in alignment with Mother Earth to experience, enjoy, integrate and benefit from the new glorious energies that shine and shimmer, sparkle and glow and are accessible to all those who choose to join in this adventure.

So sit dear ones, make your connection with Mother Earth, know that she holds you in the safest most loving energies that you can imagine, so soft and loving that it is ok for you to let go of all accumulated energy that no longer serves you. Know that you are surrounded in beautiful gold light, protecting you and connecting you to Source, breathe deeply into the very core of your being, into your very essence and be willing to release all those energies from any time, past or present, here and now in this time frame, so that you can move forwards with joy and with ease.
Breathe deeply and imagine those energies releasing up into the Light, gently, slowly, lovingly, respectfully, rising out of your aura and being transformed into the light – all bonds, restrictions, ties, contracts, disagreements, vows, are now being softly and respectfully released with great honour and love. Know that you will feel lighter and brighter, that you will see your way more clearly, that decision making will be easier, that your loving essence will expand and grow and glow and shine and sparkle.

Congratulate your body, your mind, your heart and your soul for being ready to relinquish accumulated energies that no longer serve you where you are today or where you wish to be in the new era.
Settle your thoughts, your body, your heart, your mind and your soul, breathe gently and evenly and rest in this glorious energy of replenishment, of nurturing, of loving, of reaffirming, of supporting, being in the light and love of God, the provider and forgiver of all our experiences.

With our greatest love and respect….. The Crystal Team”
Channelled by The Crystal Team, through Lindsay
Atlantean Crystal Master