In the movie "The Blue Butterfly," a boy who has cancer is cured in on a trip he takes searching for the elusive Blue Butterfly. A man he respects and loves, had told him that he believed he was going to live, though doctors told the boy he only had two months to live from a brain tumor. Is this a miracle? Our belief within another can be a powerful tool, that influences that person to heal as ultimately all healing, is self healing. The man in this movie convinces the child that healing will occur, the boy accepted it and the cancer was no longer there.. This is a true story.

Abraham once stated that the best way to be healed is to create "always" what is wanted and then you will not have to repeat history or go back and uncreate it. However, there is to be no regrets or beating oneself up now that you "know better." Humans natural state of being is joy, growth and health. As you think of a need …you draw it to you….likewise if you prepare for disasters you also draw them to you. People were born to be free, insurance is fear based and expensive. Rethink how society has kept you captive in struggle that all of us has allowed. It is freeing to stimulate thoughts other than those of a negative quality. Working with children I know the importance of solicitating that which is approving in them. I acknowledge how wonderful they are or masterful at art/music/math skills and so on. In addressing their unique perspectives and personalities they are important and special and love to learn something new each moment. The way to a happier life is through harmony, this again is our natural state. Relationships deteriorate due to pointing out what is not wanted. God did not make us flawed…we come in all flavors and colors and this is good for it expands our perceptions. Be not influenced by those who will be quick to notice what is wrong within another. Grace allows us to be wonderous, feel and see what you are intending. Offer encouragement, and know that life changes and your experiences are good, for truth is in every experience. Truth is flexible as it often results in depending on where you are in your circumstances and your journey. Recognize that if you are feeling bad, immediately stop the conflict. Your inner being is communicating to you that you are not in harmony with what you desire. Expressing joyful experiences is your birth right in your physical heaven, want and allow and it is.