Message from Elohim Cyclopea
Channeled by:
March 07, 2012

Beloved Children, it has been sometime since my last transmission through our vessel. I will quickly introduce myself once again. I AM the Elohim of the Fifth Ray of the Emerald Fire which establishes itself through your being as the light of the Christ Consciousness that empowers you to create and make all that is held within your revelation and thought image. Beloveds, I ask you now to hold firmly to that revealing vision of who you really truly are. Being able to distinguish the meagre effort of creating all manner of things in the universe is not the actual goal of your being.

Your own power of precipitation or thought formation is the as you learn to master both time and space. During this time you are also conquering the internalization and externalization of your own God Presence where you are now on your journey. I can already see beloveds that being able to hold fast to your solitary vision of your true self of your God Presence is not easy. There are still many, even on the path of Light that do not believe they have the capacity to know all and they are able to increase the Light of God and can apply the Light of God when they choose depending on the need of the situation. It is this belief that is to be changed and to felt as truth. This is the fundamental space of your own God Presence. Your exterior mind, emotions and your physical body does not have the power to do this. But by going within yourself to that very power that has always existed within each of you, you can command the Light to be released from your own God Presence that is aimed to your own specific and unique God-Self that will respond to your own voice when spoken from the heart.

Just think beloveds for a short moment of the inspiring awareness of the Threefold Flame being at the most center part of your heart’s core. Truth to be told, this is a very real part of the Threefold Flame that is the center to your own God Presence. The Threefold Flame and your God Presence are in fact One. They become one when you adopt the foundations of the Threefold Flame into your life and outwardly express your immortal creative powers of God in ALL action that you do in ALL areas of your life.

The beloved children that still say, “I can’t” or “I won’t” deny this process before even giving it an honest effort. The Threefold Flame is your building blocks that will lead you to accomplishing transmuting negative habits and building strong foundations of faith, truth and so much more. The old un-transmuted habits and thought patterns that have been getting in the way of your own spiritual progress requires your attention and focus. As you begin to maintain clarity of your own vision, self-discipline, and the fullness of the Perfection of the Light of God in every turn, you will start seeing your creative attempts manifesting instantly. What is being created by your efforts is the genuine Light of God. It is this Light beloveds which knows the uniqueness of your own God Presence.

This is the reason the Elohim have come; we are here to influence you to the fullness of the prospect to talk and encourage you and to empower you to strive harder. Please beloveds, INVOKE the Light of God. Accept that Light to do its Perfect Work. Once you have done all you can do by calling in the Light, let the situation go – and allow your own God Presence to complete the work with absolute faith in yourself and in the Light of God. It is during this time that you hold hard with the strength of your own inner fire and power; you stay persistently to the Light of your own God Presence, not weakening for one millisecond. At this point beloveds, you only need to stand back and allow the perfect Light of God to complete the final effort. Trust in God beloveds, He has been with you during all of your heartbreaking moments, kneeled with you during prayer and held you when grieved over a loved one left their physical bodies to move on to their next incarnation.

You must cultivate, nurture and grow your inner strength. Without it, you might not be able to hold on to the fire of the Threefold Flame as it is released through your mind, body and spirit. The Pink, Blue and Gold flames of the Threefold Flame that is at the center of your spiritual heart will begin to expand. They will combine with Fires of God Light that is focused within your own God Presence and in turn join with the Flames of the Elohim that is anchored within the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye. Beloveds each of the Seven Rays of God focuses on a specific vehicle or chakra and each one is focused by the Elohim. And we are constantly available to you to help you create, to love you, and to encourage more dear souls to mirror their God-Like ways across the globe.

Beloveds, it is not enough for you to just want to improve your surroundings, although this will happen when you invoke the Light of God. It is not enough to want to be in selfless service, yet this does happen naturally when you invoke the Light of God. Dear children, you cannot hold onto all that will be deposited within your own mind, body and spirit. That light must overflow and you WILL want to share this surplus. Continue beloveds to love those who may oppose your spiritual and personal goals. Continue to build and improve your foundations that will support you through all the changes that are coming. Focus on your inner strength and the commitment of unconditional love that you will radiate at every step of your journey.

You are the sons and daughters of God; each of you are chosen for a specific purpose. Each part of your plan is revealed to you when that aspect is needed. Each of you are all part of the ongoing Creation of the Grand Universe. You have the choice to contemplate and meditate upon the Nirvana of the Heart of God. Continue with your studying and with the mastery of your attributes, correcting ill behaviours and anchoring the Light of your own God Presence. Embrace each difficulty just as amiably as you do with joyful occasions. You are moving at a fast pace beloveds, learn all you can; allow your guides to lead yet also take your own INITIATIVE once in a while to new areas of interest. Find amazement at your own efforts by choosing with love and living through your heart.

I AM Elohim Cylcopea through Julie Miller