Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ March 23 – 30, 2012
Channeled by:
March 23, 2012

Welcome beloved . A most patient Master I have been, waiting for our child to be well enough to receive our needed messages. It pleases me beyond any conceivable measure to be speaking through her and to all of you.

Dearest children of , you have been dealing with two energetic shifts existing on your , thus amplifying the earthly pulsation and the westernizing of momentums and energy. The intense transformation brings new energies and situations that far outweigh anything dealt with prior.

When I say the planet is more westernized it is because of the shift making the energies more widespread on the Western side of the planet. The Western energies produce extraordinary tribulations as they move much faster and are more intense than the Eastern energies.

It would not matter dear children, either change by itself would have caused colossal adjustment. These trials require you to live into the prospectiveness of the Ascended energies. Dear children, many of the fundamental and mindfulness theories have come from the East and are exceptional fundamentals to build on. But with the East changing so rapidly and with your lives speeding up due to the changes of the Earth and its axis, you are finding it problematic to meditate for hours on any given day to achieve higher enlightenment.

This has not gone unnoticed by us. Since the strong energies on your planet are Western, restorative methods and spiritual practices are in order for them to be most effective in quick healing are significantly furthered when sided-up with Western Energies. There is a determination to work and understand these energies and sharing of information is crucial for all to gain control and mastery of the changes that have been affecting you; mind and soul. And through the sharing dear children, techniques can also be shared and adapted for personal choice and preference that can propel each of you from the denseness into the Light of Love much quicker.

Transformational dynamic is a modern manifestation of healing from the ancient times of my existence in Egypt. This technique aids in the fight of the effects of the surrounding environment that has impacted your own growth and spirituality. Dear children, as many have been witnessing of late there are many new teachings that has not been on your planet before. These new teachings have been sent dear children by your own Heavenly Father to assist in your own spiritual path that will lead to your personal .

Your ascension is not just your skill to raise your perception and consciousness, but also to raise your physical energy vibration to a higher level. Progress in reaching ascension is dimmed by immense that has blanketed the planet and the people. The I speak of is what is alive in all cities. It is the people who live in fear, live in pain or sorrow, dear children and people living with disease, and anger. There is rage on the highways and roads, more people living in poverty and a great unhappiness that has led many dear souls into addictions of various kinds and trends that reek of low vibration. This dear children is the I am speaking of.

You must learn to love yourself dear children with the utmost purest of love; a love that comes from the most central core of your being. It is not in the pit of your stomach, but in your hearts dear ones. Love and love always unconditionally will bring you out of the lower vibrations and densities and into the loving light of your heart and of God’s waiting embrace. It is your destiny dear children to ascend and to everlastingly live your daily lives in higher vibration bodies that are unaffected to disease, in higher levels of consciousness with levels of observation and functioning with all your senses. Yes dear children it is also your destiny to be enlightened, to blend and merge your soul with your ego and to live out each and every day in greater dimensional phases and in constant communication and involvement of God and in a continual state of unconditional love.

By adopting a more loving way into your life, you will move into higher levels of consciousness and vibrations. You will receive many moments of blessings and clarity. Love is the beginning of your healing and Love is the beginning of your journey to your ascension. You dear children are filled with all you need to bring you to your own ascension. Make the changes and choose wisely dear ones. With the Masters supporting and guiding you with only a call for direction and God always with you from the inside, blazing you with His Almighty Light, you have the Power, the inner-strength and ability to reach your full spiritual and divine purpose in this lifetime and in lifetimes to come.

I mentioned changes must be made and they do get made from choices you make. I will be there with you, with each of you during any of your ascension trials and tribulations. I will guide you through creative ways that will help you understand what you are experiencing. One step at a time, by working together we will move through the fogginess of uncertainty, and discover the bridge that will lead you to the loving arms of God. Wakening not only the need to converse with God but the joy of communicating with God on a complete and whole level, not experienced before.

Once removed from the low density vibrations you will see a noticeable change in yourself. You may find yourself walking LIGHTER, facial features appear softer. Even during intense situations, there will be a deeper calm not noticed before. You will embrace these changes and love yourself even more, in turn creating more love that will over flow and spill over to the next person in gestures of compassion, kindness and patience. Working together we will release this and clear your auric field.

One great and effective way of aiding your recovery from the heavy low density vibrations and energy is the invocation of the Violet Flame. Do not only use this flame once in a while, use it daily. It is most effective when used on a daily basis. It is there for you dear ones, have perfect faith in its healing abilities to restore your chakras and auric field back into perfect working vitality.

Many of you who know me are aware that I work within the Base Chakra. It is very important to be fully grounded in order to live your life and follow the path that has been laid out for you in the most efficient way. It is understood that many dear children of God are unaware of their divine plan. Each part of your plan is exposed or given to you in steps and stages according to your readiness. None of you are in the middle of nowhere or without clarity of who you TRULY are. When you ask, “What is my own personal and unique divine plan?” listen dear ones to your heart. Look at all your achievements that are derived from your own perseverance. Some dear ones discover their purpose through verbalizing I AM statements or affirmations. What your purpose is right now is not hiding from you. Seek within dear ones and seek with an open heart with no clouds and no Ego that will cause nagging self-doubt. In time you will come to trust in your intuition and believe in yourself more and more. And I and other Masters, angels and guides will be right there alongside you cheering you towards your own individual spiritual victory that will deeply effect your personal growth and living.

My love for each dear child of God is as endless as Time. The peace you are in search of is already within your grasp. Embrace the compassion that fills your heart and share it with the world.

And so it is, Ascended Master Serapis Bey through Julie Miller