12 March 2012

Channeler: hilarion

To Whom It May

You look to your leaders,
the " authorities ",
for God within them,
greatness within them,
consciousness and goodness within them,
or their replacements.

You look for that in them
with the concept " and then the world will be well " ,
because you have forgotten, lost God, (Source) in yourself.

You may explode now.
As you know, this is a spiritual term for fast expansion.

This is our point.
Simply put, this: You don't respect your own authority.
Not your authority over others in your world,
but rather
the inner authority,
the authority within you,
the authority that knows, that can know,
what some call spiritual or spiritualized mind,
what many are beginning to recognize as the process of unification,
the authority that is what it is because of what it is,
Part of You,
an aspect of your being and beingness.
You may call it your god nature,
you may call it your christ or christ nature,
you may think of it as your self,
you may think of it as you, or as source.
It doesn't .
It does matter that it is on the screen of your awareness as your key at 10 months down.
Your key for you, your key for your planet,
if you want to be a , meaning in a vibrational position to operate cocreation forces for yourself, and thus and also for your world, your planet, your beautiful .
the mother, everything.
If you cocreate, you must marry the forces to create new creations.
Worship not enough. Must find that you are those forces,
your divine masculine and divine feminine forces.
Now is spring in many places.
Life occurs and reoccurs,
there is a pattern, structures to that.
And these can be changed, but creation is not a willy nilly accident,
look at nature, look within, look everywhere.
There is a pattern to every structure and creation, and to the formula as to how it arose.
Pay attention to these within , around, in the cosmos,
as this is one of the keys, concepts, understandings
to be familiar with as you enter your new world, new earth,
and learn your chops so when you get there you can continue to take advantage and grow more and cocreate more,
as arrival in your new world is just the beginning for you.
You may explode again if you care to.

With all my, our love,

not the kind that makes you weaker,

St. Germaine