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Monday, 12 March, 2012  (posted 13 March, 2012)  

It was so easy for my to get frustrated and stop trying when they reached a roadblock in their lives. And things were often harder for them than they were for others. Not because they were actually harder, but because they would over-think, over-react, try to do the right way or perfectly, and take so long to finish anything (or even get started) that they lost their motivation and focus. Then they would say that they weren’t lucky, that others had more and their lives were easier, which would lead to depression and self pity. Then that feeling spread to everything else and they weren’t willing to try anything at all.

I would tell them that it ’t about luck, it was about . The people they thought were lucky weren’t afraid of failure or not doing it right, so they stepped up and got things done. Maybe it didn’t work out the first time but that wasn’t the point, you can’t know what works or doesn’t unless you take the first step. I used to tell my children “to learn how to swim you eventually have to get in the water.” They thought that was funny and it helped relieve the tension. Then we would break down the process into steps they could manage.

Indigos are born with a sense of how important their mission is so they want to do everything perfectly. They also tend to be impatient and lack confidence, which doesn’t help them take bold action. Crystals want to ensure that everyone is OK with what they are doing, so they wait for the right and best moment and that can be a while. We can help our children feel lucky in life by knowing how they approach a challenge and helping them find .

We can’t overcome our children’s fears for them but we can help them find their wings, build their confidence and learn to move purposefully in their lives. These children don’t do well with the ‘big picture’ because it’s too overwhelming. They do better when they can take smaller steps, celebrate mini-milestones and use our guidance to help them stay focused and positive. Then they learn to feel lucky and this builds their confidence. Sometimes it only takes a small achievement for them to feel confident and learn that they can create their own luck in life.

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