6 March 2012

: Orneaha De Paoli

Inhale, deeply into your core. Follow the breath. Feel clearly and be aware as your naturally accepts the breath as it enters and glides gently down through you.

The breath has been for many years, and still remains the one single ingredient in this recipe for enlightenment that is both the lubricant for stuck energies and the mooring on which to anchor to when nothing I see or feel makes sense. There are times when I have felt compelled to get caught up in a diversion to my own path (I’m talking about any form of drama whatsoever), and during those times, like a fly in honey, I get stuck, give in and feel dramatic for a moment.

Oh well…welcome to moving through 50 lifetimes of evolution in one single mind-blowing thrill ride! If we are truly going to awaken to self so quickly, it will be through our own experiences, crazy or otherwise. I’ve learned that each experience is so important because each one teaches us how to move beyond the duality they hold – which is also mirrored within us, or we wouldn’t have the experiences.

And in this process of having experiences, there will absolutely be joyful ones and incredibly challenging times. They all must be accepted with open arms by the highest place in your , beyond your intellectual and logical judgment in order for polarities to be balanced and neutral spaces created. For the incredibly challenging ones, it’s tough to step aside and observe them without attachment in order to love and accept them. They are incredibly sticky and make the mind go in circles either justifying the ego self or looking for a solution when none can be found.
These situations are in essence, the best opportunities for self-enlightenment and the places where the breath is the golden key that opens the inner doorway.

Even to those who are completely unconscious to the magic – the prana of the breath, the body, in order to function will automatically accept and release, but only on a primitive scale where very few things are truly accepted and hardly anything is released. On the other hand, if there is a switch in perception and a conscious awareness forms around the breath, transformation happens. Divine sparks then become the carriers on which oxygen rides to free dense and ignite new life. And this in itself makes the breath the most divine tool we’ve ever carried with us…slyly so close that we couldn’t fully see it in its simplicity.

When times come that your head gets stuck and you can’t quite allow acceptance because things just sucks so bad, switch your focus to your breath. No big deal…just switch awareness and feel the breath flowing, even if it’s flowing quickly because of stress…it doesn’t matter…feel. Your switched awareness to the divine key that lives within you will do all that needs to be done with your conscious awareness of it. And as the awareness of the breath increases, so does the magic of the breath. New clear spaces void of duality grow inside and await their creator, you, to consciously them through that same breath.

My Heart is One with Yours,



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