13 March 2012

So, first of all let me se where we’re at. There is preassure in the air, can’t deny it. Feels like enough pieces are falling into place for the big show. However it unfolds,I know it will be beautiful and awesome! And here we are on what fore some feels like the last breath before we collapse and hit the ground running, for yes, the building of momentum I think feels just like that. I wake up every day expecting miracles, and I get them, most often in the form of birdsong or seagulls playmates. Basically what I’m saying is that birds are awesome. I always feel them near, they have become one with me and laughing at my jokes (seagulls). Sometimes I can’t tell if I hear them in my minds ear or physically. I think it’s both really now that I think about it.

Lately I seem to have trouble (well trouble may not be the right word but you get the idea) to distinguish my individualized self from my collective parts. It’s like WE are talking to me and US in my mind. It is really so simple. If im gonna paint a picture of one corner in the greater picture it would be this. Say you see a friend in a room with others and your friend make a face or special stare or whatever. It may hold some special meaning or it may be only to make you or the group laugh. Doesn’t really matter. But there is an exchange of information and emotion and it feeds the atmosphere no matter negative or positive. What I was thinking about is we all have this funny face or grimace that are not of our own device, of course we also have or own but some are shared. It may be between you and another person only or group specific or very general. And this is kind of how I see group consciousness; we can partake in it on a level that does not compromise our uniqueness if we are centered and loving, but indeed boost our very soul as we each fill the roles we wish to fill.
I drew a card but got two from Archangel Michael’s deck for all of us that would appreciate it.

"Have confidence"

"A favorable outcome"
'couldn't figure out how to put pictures here right now, but a quick google search on pictures on
" "sentance" michael " will show you the beautiful pictures


**Ramblings on group consciousness by and WE**
And so it is that we speak again for paper and for net heh, well it’s getting a bit fuzzy now yes with all the I WE you them us they and so on. We understand the perspective that is earth from limited consciousness and how it seems. Believe us there is also more to it than this but fret not. Feel not discouraged. The evolution to unity consciousness is not that far. It’s like a chat room in some respects, within mind, and there is less room for flunk of bits not really working with the group and how to overcome and rise and make new patterns accordingly. So what is a group consciousness really?

It is souls merged in mind and heart, similar patterns of being and love, personally expressed within the group as one. It is much like talking to yourself. Thoughts played between different points of awareness for greater understanding. To be expressed at this level as individuals and the group as one. Of course there will be cogwheels that do not work properly in every place or maybe they were just not oiled and frequency incompatible until adjusted. Now this is just one perspective gathered from this point of awareness and all points are valid and purposeful and you notice that it’s getting hard put your head around the individualized perspective even though you walk the earth. It’s all merging (ego and higher self) into one. The ego is integrating one could say and this is so. Now understand that this is not the way for all right now, as some are not ready to accept this as fact yet. Oh how we baffle at your skills and struggles, this is beautiful to see and partake of,as we are also getting the experience thru you.

See it like this if you will, as you divide yourself up to experience yourself fully from every level and frequecial aspect so you will have this experience of duality. Just you, this part of you expressed and experienced individually and collectively. So to are we getting the upload into the soulgroups experiences and this is how it always was. We make up each other like cells in an organism. We are part of the same body so to say, yes it is a good example. As you open up to yourself you see that you indeed have a lightbody and in this lightbody in turn is part of a greater vehicle that makes up the next. Remember there are many levels, and they are for the most part not static. As long the frequency match.

Now let us speak on the earth as it has been for quite some time (feeling that lovely smirk gliding up on my face). There is and has been many different clouds of matching and less matching frequential rates. This is so. What you now are seeing are the purging of frequencies that no longer match the experience wanted. This results in clashes has to be worked out and so the result is a feeling of chaos of sorts, like when having a argument with someone you hold dear. It may be gruesome and unpleasant but very much needed for further progress.

And yes, we love it! Reach for the stars loved ones for we are there and you are the stars.


So I hope someone found this interesting and helpful, I feel this is a topic much needed at the time and if you want I’ll expand on my understanding and would love inputs so keep em coming. I take my leave with this final snippet.


**Collective of Earth**
This is the Earth collective. More precisely the . Blue team merging. And so we are here walking the earth, and yes we are you for there are now enough of the blue ray awakened to make the protective post manned adequately. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Look at your feet and know these are your ships, feel your hands for they are the swords. Show your heart it is your epic armor. NOW GO FORTH with PEACE, for it is you who bring it. WE ARE.

I AM the Eagle, and I AM YOU