23 March 2012

Channeler: M.N. Hopkins (Faith Restored)

For Man was once a noble creature upon this . Now fallen and with little hope, disconnected and bewildered by a few of darkness. Lost in a sea of despair, lost in a sea of madness, lost to himSelf and the self of others. In all appearances, a seemingly lost cause in his deathbed falling into an abyss of darkness never to return again to his rightful Home amongst the stars.

Yes, rightful home, his true inheritance. Lost, yet not forgotten by all. A few have kept hope alive and succeeded in overcoming the darkness of their despair.

Yes, these few who have fought as Warriors of Light for centuries, never giving up, never defeated by the numerous forces of darkness. A few against many fighting so that many can one day prosper in Spirit. Fighting for many whom have lost their way, lost all good sense and reason.

Abandoned their thrones to be outcasts from their inherent and glory. Yes, a few remembered and guarded thee Light for ages knowing of the return of those of Light. Those who will fuel the fires of hope, fuel the fires of courage and fuel the fires of love.

Fires will burn and waters will flow and Mankind will be awakened from the nightmare of today.

The wolf returns to the side of the lion and the once sheep will follow, but not as before. Now, the lions in sheep clothing, full of courage, full of Light, full of Self.

Hearts aflame with Love and Leading the way back to Mankind's former glory. Leading all back to the Promised Land. A promised land that is not upon the Land, but a place up to now guarded, now open to all. A true Heartland, a true place where the love of Earth and meet and blend and are rerouted outward into the world of Man.

Now, Love flows and Life grows. A new Life to be honoured and respected, a new Life to be embraced, a new Life to be welcomed, a new Life to be accepted and expressed outward.

Life returned, followed by Love, the Joy, then the warmth of the homecoming. Yes, coming home to one's again. The place of power, that begins and ends with Love.

To Inspire:
So, you wish some inspiring words and this you will have this day.

For, what is it to inspire?

To inspire is to lead another to an inner realm, an inner realm often avoided or better said, neglected.

To go inward and upward as in the spire of a church building. Up and outward until one touches upon the place of before one's birth in this human existence that you call everyday living.

Yes, everyday, yet more. It's in one's duties in the everyday that one meets one's greatest joy. The bird that lands nearby, the stranger with a smile, the chance happenings that in reality are not by chance at all.

All are to lead you toward an inner reflection and contemplation of not just Nature, but the true nature of Oneself.

You have all been mislead, distracted, and delayed from your arrivals to that place in a time that really isn't a time, but from where all plans and times can be accessed.

Now, we didn't mean to confuse you just lead you toward your inner spire. Tour place of contemplation and realization of what and who you really are. Here is the place or better stated, non-place where you have an inner clarity of vision.

Gone are the outside distractions, the ego annoyances and irritations. Here, you find peace in the knowing that you are more and other than your ego self.

You are as Gods sleeping, waiting upon a wake up call, not knowing that the service has ended and it is now the responsibility of all to awaken themselves to this new day.

Yes, a new day of Light and Laughter together with a joy in living one's everyday existence here on this planet that you call Earth. It has an has had many other names as it will be renamed in what you call, future time.

It is still the same being , this Earth of yours, no matter what the label, just as you are the same being you have always been & will always be despite all your many labels and classifications. Classifications that limit and confuse and keep you from the true Essence of your being.

And what is that Essence. Some call it Love, some call it Life, some call it God, yet it is neither defined or limited by explanations and is in fact, the Creator of all limitation, hindrances and explanations. It is the Essence of All There Is and It is You as you are a part of It.

Yes, a part, a segment, a fragment of the whole, yet a part while at the same time being a whole being in Love.

Confused again? Good, now we come closer to where we should be. Within the embrace is simultaneously the embrace as well as the Embracer.

Now, feel your being in a state of . Free for just a moment from the chains or fretters of ego. Free to feel, free to experience, free to touch not just upon yourSelf, but the Self of others.

Safe and secure in knowing who and what you really are for just a moment.

Just a moment that will last a lifetime since you have travelled up the spiral and come to the meeting place of . You have arrived at the Heartland, that middle place, sometimes called the middle way. Sometimes one's center, sometimes one's place of balance and power.

So close it is and now you have arrived at this place and from this place you have met with Grace and Grace has washed your sins away. Grace has come from above as it has come from below.

Grace from the Heavenly Realm as well as from the Earth Realm. The Mother and the Father have met and embraced within your heart and a new life has been born. A life free from fear, yet still with trials. Trials that will lead you to other moments of freedom, other moments of Love, other moments of inward realizations of what and who you really are.

Each moment a stepping stone, each moment a cure, in each moment you allow yourself this Gift of Grace to Man to enter into your being. You weaken the grip of ego and experience freedom through touching heart to Heart.

Now, we are finished. Be glad this day for you now know the way back and the and now it is as now it was and now it shall be.

What Is Balance?
Balance: What is balance and how does it effect your being in your everyday life with human community?

Balance is the key to good and sound functioning human communities. For today it has become fashionable to worship or adore chaos in all its many forms.

Your organizations, your workplaces, your schools are nothing more than a training ground for future generations to maintain and see to the continuation of traditional ways of behaviour. Unfortunately for you all, those with flaws in their character have been chosen to lead. Weak by nature, never given proper instruction in critical thinking. No longer are the Elders respected and sought after fro wise counsel. Instead immature and unbalanced individuals who verge on the edge of mental and emotional sickness are chosen and chosen not for their strength of character, but for their many weaknesses that can be used against them as a form of control.

For without Self-control and inner knowledge and wisdom they can be easily manipulated and maneuvered into evil devices that destroy and isolate, rather than being together or united with human community.

Leaders are punished and persecuted for being intelligent and strong and not so easily controlled by forces that seek to enslave all inhabitants of your human community. Always are the inept, the incompetent and the dull of wit and mind chosen so as to teach the youth that these qualities of weakness and corruptibility will be rewarded whereas strength and intelligence will be punished.

There are so many leaders on the fringes of your societies. Many live in poverty or are now, homeless, yet maintain their principles and wait upon the day of transition when their skills and abilities will be needed to organize and rebuild human community.

Through their hardships they have learned to survive on a little, have learned to use their mental resources and initiative to survive in a world that has condemned them to a form of a prolonged prison sentence or death sentence, the only difference is that they are not locked up behind bars.

In a way, they have been in training for the future collapse of human community as wee have known it since after the beginning of the industrial revolution that weakened and poisoned not just our human bodies and that of the Earth body, but also enslaved us within a system of commerce.

Gone are the family farms, the clans, the tribal groups that flourished for countless centuries and evolved in the ways of the heart and developed mental powers that cannot even be conceived of by the inhabitants of your world today.

These systems gave Man a sense of pride, freedom and self esteem as well as a reverence for both the Earth and for God.

For Man was in balance and gained from the strength and wisdom of both Realms.

Now, Man has grown dependent on machine and a new priestly class of the Corporation which has created new myths and taken much of the power away from the early priests of the Church.

The new priests of darkness control your governments and in fact, all your institutions. The new mantra is buy, buy, buy. In so doing, have you all said, bye, bye, bye to the better parts of your being.

Emotional and mental illness is as a plague upon the Lands. This is due to unnatural conflicts created when one begins to see reality through a haze of myth and images created and put into human minds by this priestly class.

For, long ago they learned the persuasive power of the image, the attraction of the mind toward fantasy and myth and used this knowledge to serve their own purposes.

Now, after thousands of years, the fail and some begin to see behind the illusionary veil to the heart of what we have become over time by no longer following our God given paths.

Now, we have a creative tension that builds up in your world, ready to explode and destroy the old as it creates anew a new, yet old long forgotten system of evolution of consciousness and the creativity of Man.

After the release of new energies, people will clearly see what they have become and what they can and will become again in time.

For, intelligence and creativity will flourish again upon the Lands and leaders will be recognized from an early age and encouraged and taught to be future leaders.

Men and Women of inspiration, courage, and wisdom listening to their hearts for advise and consul and sharing their knowledge freely with all within human community.

No longer will tyranny of self or others be respected and tolerated.

Man will again enjoy the senses and connect again to God, Soul and Earth. The true trinity. The love of the Mother, the Father and OneSelf.

It is Light you asked for and Light it will be to light your way back to yourSelf and back to the Source Of All Life on Earth and on other worlds, those seen and unseen, still there waiting upon the arrival of not just a few, but of many.

We see a time of a great awakening from a sleep of discord, a sleep of deception and a sleep never more to be for those whom accept the truth of themSelves and accept the offer of a life renewed and energized by the Light and the Love that flows eternal, that flows from another realm to your realm of darkness.

It is we who come with the Light, it is we who renew the gifts of Spirit, it is we who continue to walk upon your Earth so as to reap the harvest, to reap a harvest of Love once denied, but now fulfilled in the moment.

That moment is now. Now, has been the time, will be the time and is the time of harvest. For the Light is now ripe and ready to fall from the Tree. The , that eternal tree that bears the fruits of Mankind's efforts and accomplishments. Now, this fruit comes to your table to be savoured and enjoyed.

This is not the fruit of knowledge, but the fruits of wisdom grown over the march of time, grown with a purpose to give nutrients to those seekers who have found their way here today.

Yes, this is a gift, a gift for all that will give strength and longevity. The fruits of the labours of many who have served the Good for countless centuries waiting upon this day when the Will of Heaven is fulfilled upon the Earth.

Light and the waters of Spirit have allowed and encouraged the growth and fruition and now is the time to share in the harvest.

Now is the time. Not yesterday and not tomorrow, but now is the time of harvest and has always been the time of the coming of redemption and salvation.

There is no date chosen, no place chosen, no chosen people. This gift if for all who will accept the fruits of our labour. A gift for all people in all Lands. No longer divided, but united in Love.

Yes, Love, the great uniter. Not fear induced behaviours, but the actions of those of great faith and love who can see beyond appearances to the Heart of All Matter.

Now, your time has come. The way has been made easy.

Step forward and claim your prize. Claim your rightful inheritance. Claim your heart and the love that springs from a joy in living.

Feel the peace of this moment and revel in your accomplishment. For you only see the end of this journey that leads you to the beginning of a new adventure.

A new adventure in living, a new clarity, a new resolve, a new found strength and wisdom.

Now, we walk hand in hand and as we continue our journey, more will decide to join us on this new way of living. The old way left behind, the new way is now to be experienced, now to be accepted, now to be manifest in physical reality.

The dreamers have dreamed, you have had the courage to manifest it within your everyday living.

It is done. It has manifested in you within the space of your heart. A seed long dormant, now watered and a blossom comes forth. A most beautiful creation and one unique to only yourself. Each will manifest their own dream in their own time.

Now, it is time for you who have found your way here this day. Now, is your time, now has it been done.

Bask in the Light and go forth.

Heaven and Earth have joined this day. Yes, joined for the betterment of Mankind to show Mankind that a love balanced is the love of all great Prophets and Saints. Yes, it is balance that you have forgotten and it is balance this day that will again be your legacy to future generations.

Heaven and Earth join in that place that you call the human heart. It is that place that links Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven and both to you. Yes, it is within the realm of the human heart that all healing begins and ends. It is the realm of the human heart that one feels the Love of both the Mother and the Father, both united in a balanced love of all .

Yes, all are loved in the heart realm as all our loved in our realm.

We have come this day to give you a heart felt message. Yes, one that will touch to and warm your hearts and from there radiate out to all the Lands. For, we are united this day at a Soul level. We have left briefly the world of judgement, the world of fear, the world of misconceptions. Now, we have come into a new world whose center is within the human heart.

A heart centered and balanced in love with all living creatures. A heart that is generous and kind and willing to share its good fortune with all Mankind. Yes, all Mankind.

An offer of loving kindness to all who will accept and feel the warmth of one's true being. Yes, true Being, not the ego pretender, not the tyrant that has brought all great pain and suffering. No, a new ruler has arrived and taken their rightful place upon the throne that unites the kingdoms of both Heaven and Earth with Man.

The trilogy is now complete and great power and love now pours forth. The healing, balancing, strength giving energies of the Earth along with those of the Creator Of All Things combined with the inherent power of Man. Three united, united this day for the good of all mankind.

Feel now the warmth within your own heart and look out upon your world with new eyes. See the Light of Creation and feel the Love that has carried you for so many centuries of human time. Now, the Love has united in you, has united within your human heart to be felt and shared with all your kind.

In kindness we say, let your love flow out and embrace your world of dark determination and transform and transmute it into an Eden again. Yes, Eden. Your original home, so long forgotten, yet never lost by a few who have kept the Light alive and passed it down generation to generation all in anticipation of this day.

Now, it is time of revealing, the time of revelation and redemption. A time of the unveiling of the darkness that has come to distract you all from your inherent Light.

Now, the Light comes forward to enrich and enlighten and illuminate all those who have forgotten their true natures and lost sight of their true connection to the Source Of All Life here on planet Earth.

Now, you are Man again. At peace with and in love with all living things of Heaven and Earth. Forgotten, never lost. Entrusted in the hands or better said, the hearts of a few of illumination, passed from generation to generation to be unveiled this day.

Love again takes the lead and leads Mankind back to Self, back to Your hearts Light.

Yes, fill with goodness and love. Now can you do so that others can also. For when one connects, all are connected to the goodness no longer dormant within.

Yes, goodness. The goodness within your humanity. The concentration has been upon that which is darkness within the humanity. For man is a complex structure of blood and bones and flesh. Not only the physical, but also has Man an emotional as well as an intellectual life.

The Mind has been tainted and now concentrates upon the fearful and non-productive. Man was once a creature of great brilliance and presence of mind. Now, Man is but a dark reflection of his former self.

Yes, dark. For Man has accepted the lies and deceptions of forces that seek to destroy all that is good within your humanity.

Once, Men and Women cared for each other, had great powers and concentration of by use of the mind. Yes, mind was a tool used to bring enlightenment to not just one but to many.

Gifts given, gifts shared. This is the natural state of Mankind. Now, it is gifts given, gifts sold to those of greed. Greedy in spirit as well as greedy for material affects.

A gift is given freely and accepted freely by those who will. Not a form of currency to be bartered for or stolen, but a natural substance to be gathered and then shared with one's fellows.

That considered of value in truth, is valueless and that which modern Man calls valueless, is that of the greatest wealth and nourishment.

For, Man has become a complexity of emotions and feelings without focus or balance, swaying in the winds of emotion. Emotion now controlled by those of dark determination.

Yes, dark they are, as dark as their thoughts.

They manipulate to create confusion and loss of will power. They sicken and weaken the human vessel under the guise of health care. No or little health or care in the medical system that they have created. Marketing and selling poisons that maim, sicken and often kill.

Those few who resist are turned against by the very fellows whom they love and attempt to guide toward a better way, a saner way of living.

Yes, Man is in such a weakened state that he or she no longer see the truth within him or herself or others. Daily fed lies and disinformation and guided away from or distracted from the truth of their being.

All these self-evasion affects the human psyche in such a way as to madden or sicken the human organism.

There is a way out and that way is to reconnect to one's Self, one's Inner Voice, one's good judgement and one's true nature that tends toward clarity of thought and emotion and balance.

Yes, Man if left to his own devices would live in a balanced state unencumbered by confusions and instability.

Now, seek that which is best within your humanity and share it freely with others of your own kind. Concentrate and focus on your heart's light and feel Love again, feel loved again and feel complete within yourselves.

No longer lacking that which you must desire, no longer seeking that which is already there, no longer confused and befuddled by the lies and deceptions of a few of dark determination.

Be no longer a victim, but be a victor and rise up and claim again the prize.

Yes, the words. It is our words that come, but in truth it is not the words that speak, but the Essence of a Higher Being and that Being lies not so deep within yourself as well as within the self of others.

That is the heart's way. The way that leads all back to themSelves. That Inner Being with that soft and kind Inner Voice lies dormant within the hearts of many, yet by listening to our words, a doorway is opened. A doorway that leads one directly to one's heart which is the seat of your highest consciousness. The heart is the center and within that center all is balanced as all are in balance.

The heart is the key. The heart is the way back to oneSelf as well as the only true way to connect to the hearts of others.

The mind is a lesser tool and the one most often employed by Mankind. Most have yet to enter the realm of the heart.

Yes, the heart realm. Ruled by benevolence, ruled by kindness, ruled by the love of Man. Yes, the Love of Man. A great and powerful love created by the Love of the Creator.

When Man loves, he is reflecting the Love of the Creator. The Love of the Creator flows through the heart center and outward into the world of Man. With It comes power and knowledge to be used for the betterment of both Man and human community.

This knowledge is given freely to be shared freely with all in need of enlightenment and understanding.

More than knowledge that arrives is the Love of the Creator Of All Realms. This Love transmutes and transforms all darkness, all pain, all disease, all illness into a light hearted understanding of both Self and self.

Love comes and fills the body, the mind, the emotional field, our dreams and our vision with hope. Not just hope, but a true understanding of life here on Earth. What was, what is being expressed now, and what will be in the future of Mankind.

For in Love, there are no divisions. No divisions within self as well as within human community. All see and understand their past in the human drama and act out in a just and responsible way.

In Love is there generosity and kindness of Spirit. Children and animals can sense this immediately and response in like kindness when approached by one of God's Light.

Yes, the Light is what brings order to your world and it's human communities. It brings an order to self and a balance that would not be possible before It's arrival.

Balance: This is the key to sane and responsible living. In balance the extremes do not exist and harmony eliminates out from the center of one's being. Yes, the center, the heart center.

Calm arrives and with it departs conflicts and strife. Calm begins the healing process and continues until the arrival of Joy.

Yes, joy arrives lastly and fills one with delight and a joy in living one's everyday life. Yes, one becomes immersed in the everyday and one's everyday turns into the extraordinary. Joy colours one's canvas with new colours never before seen by Man. Colours of such intense hues and tones, yet calmly painted.

Yes, a new Light illuminates the stage and all more clearly see their parts with the human dramas. Once seen clearly, then Mankind will change the scripts to fit the new current realities.

Yes, a rewrite of sorts. Rewritten by man, illuminated by the Love of All There Is.

Yes, a message for all, all who will listen to our words.

We have come to a time in the history of mankind when Heaven joins with Earth for the completion of one cycle and the beginning of another. One in which Mankind has learned the lessons of co-operation and working together for the advancement of not only community, but for the advancement of the species. All species, but Man are now connected to the Earth and live within a balanced system of co-creation.

Man is last to learn the art of balance and connection from heart to heart. In your arrogance, you have forgotten your place in the scheme of things or the ways of the natural world. You have also forgotten your connection to one another and to the Divine. Now, balance returns again to Man.

In the process toward this, chaos will appear to exist, yet this is nothing more than a re-ordering or re-establishing of human community comprised of individuals with the ability to empathise and join together in common goals that work toward a common good. A common good forgotten by many, yet preserved by a few.

Now is the time to touch to your individual Goodness and then join with the Goodness in others to create a Common Good to be shared by all inhabitants of your planet.

This will occur in time. The force of its creation cannot be stopped. For momentum has built up now to one that demands the expression of Good. All will be caught up in the force of this wave, non can escape its arrival to your world.

Fear not and know that it's creation was the sum total of countless dreams and prayers and well wishes and it's time has come to wash away the tears and fears and sadness of the many.

Where once there were a few, now we have many willing and able to create in harmony a new harmonic. A sound wave that will shatter all existing structures and make the way for the way of the heart.

A new heart now beats in unison with Heaven and Earth. it draws upon the power and magnitude of both, yet keeps it's individual expression. A heart new formed from the darkness of the past, transformed and transmuted in the fires of Love.

Love unfolds and expresses Itself once again within the hearts of many. Adjust and re-adjust your frequencies to the harmonics of the Earth and that of Heaven.

For, a song will be heard again. One that begins with the joy of creation within the joy in living. Listen and feel and know that it has arrived to your heart as you read these words. Now! It is done.

Now, we have come to a time in the history of Mankind when Love seeks a way to enter your realm of Man.

We have encouraged and helped for countless centuries and now is it time for Man to once again be responsible for his or her own fate and that of your human communities.

Your minds and your wills have been clouded by fear, but now is it time to lift the veil and come into your true natures as co-creators and co-operators in the building of human community. You have been led astray for far too long, convinced that you are weak and of little worth by those in reality are the weak and worthless ones. Although, in a sense all have a value, even the betrayers of their own kind.

Once Earth was truly a paradise in which both Man and beast shared in a way that most within your world can never imagine, yet alone make into a reality.

Your minds have been infected by darkness, yet your hearts have the key to your liberation. For, the heart is the center of your being and the seat of your greatest power to create.

Look to your hearts for inspiration, look to your hearts for direction, look to your hearts for love and direct that love first back to yourselves and then out to others.

For, the heart has the healing power to heal all ills and confusions of the mind. For, the mind often tends toward mischief, whereas the heart tends toward healing. The healing of human bodies, emotional distress, mental disorders and all that ails your human communities.

So, we ask all who have come upon these words to trust in yourselves and to seek and nurture that which is best within your humanities.

We will not say that there is little time or that the end is near. For these are the words directed by fear. Our words are directed by Love and show the way toward your own inherent love, strength and wisdom that has lay dormant for countless centuries awaiting a time of a great awakening.

We say to you that now is the time to awaken to your heart's light, now is the time of redemption, now is the time of self-fulfilment, now is the focal point of creation. It is in the now that past and future co-exist and it is in the now that you have access to your greatest power.

So, shall we now calm ourselves and allow the Now to do its work of liberation of self.

Choose not your lives of slavery, rather choose your freedom through Love. For, Love is the great liberator, Love is the great revealer, Love is that which calms the mind and activates the heart and that which will awaken you from your sleep and allow you to live together in peace.

Light, light and more light, this is what you have asked for and this is what you shall receive, but receive to be shared with others of your kind.

This Light has many good healing properties and the ability to calm the emotional as well as the mental chaos now experienced by many within your realm.

For transition is not always an easy matter and change is not always welcome. Many who read these words know the truth our messages. For, they are the ones that these messages are intended for those who seek the Light of understanding.

Many call themselves, Light Workers. What does this really mean? It means one whom can channel the Heavenly Light to share it with others in the human realm. More Light comes now, so prepare yourselves for a big infusion due to arrive. In fact, for some it arrives every time it is asked for, for others upon occasion and for others not at all. Thus is the current state of the majority of those now calling themselves, Light Workers.

For with Light comes a balance, with Light comes, a calm, with Light comes a clarity of moment in which insights arrive.

Most of those who call themselves Light Workers have none of the above characteristics. Techniques and shows have become their main stay. There are no techniques to be learned and there are now shows to produce.

A child knows this. Those with a will and a temperament that asks and has faith that all prayers will be answered are the ones who are the true workers with the Light.

No years of study are required, no classes or seminars needed, no gurus are necessary. For you are your own greatest guru. Yes, yourSelf is the great revealer of Light. YourSelf, the infuser of great spiritual strength and stamina. Non other.

The day of the Prophet is over. Now, is the time for all to be a professor of truth. Now, is the time to trust in your own inherent goodness and strength. Now, is the time to listen to your own Inner Voice. Now, is a time of great liberation.

Freedom arrives with the dawn. Freedom arrives with the coming of the Light.

We say these words to you who will listen and have the courage to honestly look upon the state of not just your human realm, but the state of yourself.

It is time to become responsible again and face one's own shortcomings as one faces the Light of Creation.

Yes, honesty is necessary as well as courage. One must look to see what has become while giving up one's responsibility to another. No other can do the work of liberating the human self from the tyranny of ego.

Others can inspire, others can show a way, others can stand by your side, but non other can decide for another, can act for another, can seize the prize.

This is an individual effort. This is how one builds spiritual muscles. Those who promise you spiritual wealth are not the ones of true stature.
You will know them by their fruits. Yes and you will know yourSelf when you have accepted the fruits of your own labours.

We speak to you in a direct way. For, it is time to grow up and take responsibility fro your own lives, for your own families, for you own communities, for your own Nations, for your whole World.
Now, is a time of great infusion of Light. For, the patients are terminally ill and the doctors are quacks. It is time to be honest and see the truth of what we say.

It is time to be honest and accept your short comings while at the same time accepting your wisdom and your strengths.
It is time to embrace the Light, take it to heart and from there let is flow our into your world of darkness to find It's own place to rest.

For, the Light knows where to go without need of direction. It will travel to where the need is greatest, It will travel to where the hearts are longing, It will travel to It's destination of choice and heal that which is most in the need of healing. There is no greater healer than the White Light of Heaven. It carries with it the Grace of God to Man. Now, open your hearts if you will and this gift will be given freely to you this day.
We make this offer this day. It is your decision as to whether you will accept our gift or not. This gift will not diminish Its power or change It's intensity. If you decide not to accept this gift, It will find another willing to open their heart to It's healing balm.

In our world nothing is wasted, nothing without effect.
For, those whom have accepted our gift, be pleased and know that as you gain a greater capacity to accept our gifts, then more Light will follow.

It's a process that enfolds at the rate that your Soul has chosen. Perhaps your now, is not this moment. Perhaps you wish to seize the prize another day.
We have done our part so that you all can one day do your part to enlighten and illuminate your fellow travellers.

The chain is unbroken and the circle continues to go round.
The roads are many and all converge on the One road that will lead you directly to yourSelf. Yes, just as the pilgrim trails of old, an outward projection of an inward journey.

No longer does one need to walk down the trails of old. It is now the time to transverse one's own inner road to find one's way back to oneSelf.
Yes, the energy that leads the way is the same. Each feels it, each is affected by it, each manifests their own unique gift or talent. This is the way of the true seeker, unfretted by dogma, unfretted by methods, or techniques, unfretted by the guidebooks and seminars that project false beliefs more for the profit of the presenter than for the benefit of those that attend these affairs of commerce.

It's now time to begin the affairs of the Heart. Love accepted and love projected outward, a sharing to all in need of change. A sharing for all in need of healing.
The time of hindrances and detours has passed. The time to embark on one's inner journey has begun. One's Soul is now the revealer of Light, non-other, non outside of oneself.

A trinity of God, Soul and Man joining together. A strength and wisdom custom tailored to the individual, a safe and sure way, the way of all great masters, now the way of the many.
The time has come to open yourself to your own innate and inherent inner strength and wisdom and bathe within the holy trinity. Yes, God, your Soul, and you as Man or Woman united as One United in Love.

We see a day of great awakening and that day is now.
We see a day of the illumination of many a human heart and that day is now.

We see a day of Love received and then offered to those who have the courage to share and that day is now.
We see a day of Love received and then offered to those who have the courage to share and that day is now.

We see a time of Love renewed, Love accepted and Love projected outward in to physical world.
We see the time of Man. Man once again balanced in the Love of the Father and the Mother of us all.

We see kindness expressed and accepted.
We see a great healing upon your Earth.

We see you and you will see us. We hear you and you will hear us. We feel you and you will feel us.
Past and future united in the Now.

Creator and created united as one.
We wish you to feel the truth of our words. Let not the words distract you from their intended message.

The message is Love. Now feel and be as One.
Now, we have delivered our message. Now, can you join us in joy. Now, can you realize your dreams. Now, can you see the clarity of the moment.

Now we will enter the Now. Now, shall we complete the circle.
Beginning has met the end and at the meeting starts a new beginning that never ends.