(Reno Press Release ) “A Nevadan who died more than 10,000 years ago is at the center of a battle over who will control the ancient history of . In about a month, the Bureau of Land Management is expected to decide if a partially mummified skeleton will be given to Indians for secret burial or if scientists can retain the 10,430-year-old remains called Spirit Cave Man found in a cave at grimes Point for further scientific testing. The conflict already has fallout. Some of the scientists closest to the issue refused to discuss the strained relations with Indian tribes. State officials last year pressured one Worldwide Web page creator to erase links pertaining to ancient human remains found in . The state museum this year agreed not to display busts created by a Reno artist that may show what two ancient Nevadans looked like. The remains reviewed by do not appear to be the skeleton of a Native American, and that has created additional controversy.Frank Mullen explores this controversial issue whose outcome may very well change the history of this continent.”