19 March 2012

The of doing what makes your sing!
channelled from The Crystal Team through Lindsay

“The joyousness of doing what makes your heart sing: this is our message to you all the time. These feelings automatically send out of joy, of lightness and of love into your aura. You then walk around spreading this joy and lightness with you wherever you go.
For it is difficult for us to comprehend that some people have what you might call a guilt trip, at doing what they enjoy, they struggle manfully to conform to what they feel is expected of them but who is imposing those restraints? We would like to offer another thought for you to consider.

Doing what makes your heart sing – how does that phrase make you feel – for feelings is what it is all about, feeling good, feeling happy, feeling grateful, feeling joyful, feeling excited when you wake up as to what you are doing today. These feelings automatically send out ripples of joy, of lightness and of love into your aura. You then walk around spreading this joy and lightness with you wherever you go.

Then you settle down to do that thing that makes your heart glow, those ripples intensify and grow brighter and stronger and more powerful so the area around you whether you are alone, in the house or whether you are with other people explodes with love, with joy, with intensely happy light and bright .

Do you see how wonderful this is?
Do you see how everyone and everything benefits from this?

For it is not only humans who benefit but we benefit too, our crystalline being, our essence delights at this as we see the ripples spreading out across the Universe, out, out, out and far beyond what you can see and imagine. How can you have a guilt trip about this, perhaps you should have a guilt trip about not doing it, but I only jest as we do not wish to add to your complex thought processes and cause you more worry – we just wish to show you how marvellous it is when you do that thing that makes your heart sing.

I am with Lindsay in her Workshops dancing around the room making sure you feel light and bright and I am clearing your energy fields as I dance around with a big smile upon my face. My essence, and as Lindsay calls me – my cheeky personality – is really a manifestation of my joy at this existence, this celebration of , this sheer pleasure at all the joy-full feelings and experiences we can have in this Adventure called .

So please, dear ones, next time you feel like doing that heart singing thing, allow yourself the pleasure and time to do it for you are being of great service to yourself, to mankind, to and to the Universe. You are helping to manifest the Divine Plan on .
You are helping clear Mother Earth, and assist her on her journey to ascension and you are being a great example to others to do the same, I think you have a phrase called “A win win situation” and this is truly what this is.

The Universe loves you and wants us all to be happy and joyful and spending time having fun is one step towards that achievement.
Think bigger with your thoughts, think out into the Universe and see the stars shining and know that all is well, that all is on track to completion of the old order and the manifestation of the new glorious life plan and you dear one are part of that plan that manifestation, so send out those ripples of joy, of light and love and brightness and know that you are doing a wonderful thing to assist bringing in this amazing new life, here on Earth.

So for now, oh beloved ones, we send our love and our thoughts of joy to you and will speak again soon”.

Channelled from The Crystal Team with great love and joy through Lindsay
Atlantean Crystal Master