~angle of ~


~The Now~


the harmonics of ~gratitude~


we are the ..
we come forth anew this day thru
our empty vessel with a message of love..
a message of hope…

a message of sharing our gratitude for your
willingness to participate in the grand awakening
of humanity and for many the journey realized
into your union…your oneness with your Father…
Abba….all that is…


allow us to say that in this New Now
you are abiding in a tonal or harmonic reality..
we will keep this simple as words are difficult to express
this new reality to you….there is nothing here to learn..
there is simply a remembering of who you are…
the devotion that is necessary to experience ever more deeply
your Union with the Father.
..the "sacrament" of divine offering to that One
that each now moment is….

You are in a very deep process of dissolving the last vestiges
of the small …many of you are in different stages in this
process….yet the process is one and the same..
all false aspects of yourself will surface in the coming
of days…allow this to be so for you precious one's..
it is a releasing…all that you are not is "up for review"
once again…to be let go of….yet resistance to what you
find arising from deep within your garden of soul
will only bring constriction…pain…suffering…

so…welcome these aspects of your self with open arms…
embrace them so deeply with the love of the one
that abides within you now….for as you do this
you bring forth the most radiant of flowers within
your garden….each root released born of the false self
will allow a new and glorious color…tone to spring forth
from the silence within…this is where creation springs forth
dear one's…from the silence within…
you are one within this silence…visit there often…

so…this will be one of many transmissions in the coming
of days…there is much of encoding's of pure Christed Consciousness
being downloaded within your being as you read these words…
there is a tone…the song of home that your soul is drinking
deep within..it is within the silence that these words have sprung
forth….as we have come forth to share this with you…

make each now moment a sacrament of deep devotion to gratitude
to your Father…for the frequency…the hummmmm
of gratitude is a tool of co-creation …
it is that which connects you with the Father and
allows him as you to feel the thanks as you bring it
to that Radiant One ….
thusly…you have given it to your Self…!!!!!!!!!
you will be the first to experience it…

it will bring in your new reality ….within each breath…
thought …breathe it in…breathe it in as deeply as
you can…breathe in gratitude.. enter within ~devotion~ to the
thought of gratitude…..thank all arising's now dear one's..
within each now be aware of what is arising and simply
bow your in gratitude….you truly need do nothing else…

this practice will allow you to feel the mystery
and the depth of love that the One you are has
for you….

breathe That In…!!!

we leave you now with this thought…

how deeply can i dive within the God I Am…
dissolving every last vestige within me that is unlike love itself???

how willing am I….will i answer the call????
for Now Is The Time…

blessings this day…

The Christ Council


feel free to share these as you are so guided…
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read this often as it will be living you….
we are love…denisa