Message from Archaea Faith
Channeled by:
March 05, 2012

Oh dearest children, the Power of Faith has been able to give structure to a nation, a state, country, or to an individual such as yourself. It is this spark of universal confidence that lives within you that knows no bounds when you meet every obstacle with determined love wedded with compassion. Through your Power of Faith miracles can be achieved when miraculous outcomes seem the farthest from the mind. It is the limiting mind that still has a hold over many that needs to be stretched into not only knowing no bounds within your personal faith and strength but to claim back your personal power that has always led to you accomplishing the hardest of challenges and tasks. It is through the Power of Faith that Hope is born and nurtured by the Charitable Heart that exists within all of you.

Dear children, in your current life-stream as Universal Beings when you combine the Power of Faith, Hope and Charity into your very essence as a child of , you are symbolizing in your actions the incredible Threefold Flame – Love, Wisdom and Power. These three are your foundations to build your spiritual framework around. Love as a selfless charitable way of being in all you do, Wisdom as the Fountain of Hope, and Faith as your Power to Create and sustain anything you attempt to achieve. There are still utterings of dear children crying about their limitations and some of these limitations are truly not as limiting as they think when they are ready to open their heart and see how powerful they really are. So many upon Earth ask for a normal life; I ask you dear children what is normal? What is normal for one dear soul is not necessarily going to be normal for another. Sometimes my dears, your belief and faith requires you to step beyond and outside known and written facts and trust your instincts and intuition.

Dear children it is your Faith that holds so much together. It is central to all the other elements that flow through you each and every day. The Power of Faith can be applied to any given situation where judgements are made needlessly. I will always support you in the certainty and the relevance of the purity that exists inside the very core of your being – your heart. Dear children inside your dear heart is where God resides. Even if you choose to never talk to Him, He is there. He has always been with you even during times when you thought you were alone. During the most grief stricken times when the world around you appears so dark, it was God shining His breathtaking Light down upon you and all around you, illuminating a path for you and reaching for your hand. If you could see within the hearts of every single person on your fine planet, you would also see God resides within them also. Given that, you have the choice to what you see in others and you have the choice to see, hear and speak as God in all your actions. Each and every one of you has the choice to also fight against the superficial differences that seem to oppose them.

If all judgements and opinions could be stopped long enough to look deep past the exterior of your fellow man/woman you would be able to see their perfect beauty through your God-Like eyes. You would be seeing their true God-Self which is a reflection of your own. If you could always see this in yourself and in others the world would be in a much different place. It is true ideals are changing and more and more are being reborn into beings of higher efficiency that live through their unconditionally loving hearts. There are more dear people learning to cut cords, limit power to the Ego, to become balanced in all avenues of their life. Change is rapidly becoming apparent on a global scale and these changes are definitely good dear children.

When you invoke my presence, I will surround you within my blue sapphire shield that will protect you while we together work on empowering you to bring out the Fire of Love that will encourage you to rise above lower frequencies of negativity that have been a part of your life. I will work with you continuously until you are free of the cumbersome burdens that have been weighing you down longer than necessary. When we work together you will discover the highest of truth of yourself. And when these truths emerge you will be able to face them honestly and not deny there is work to be done. No matter how high you have achieved spiritually or personally, there is always room for improvement; there is always an area to perfect and to master.

Sometimes seeing the absolute truth of any given situation can be very difficult, yet it is how you learn and overcome so many challenging obstacles. It is your experiences, all the good ones and all the problematic ones that have shaped you into the divine person you are. And you are everyday reshaping and refining that dear person just as you are meant to with your self-love and self-appreciation.

Oh dear children, what a pleasure it has been to come forward to speak to all of you. Never lose your faith, even when working through the hardest of times. Ground yourself and dig deeper into the never-ending reserve that resides in your heart that is filled with courage, strength, determination, love, kindness and countless other incredible and wonderful attributes. My love and devotion to each of you is vast and always reaching new heights just you always reach new pinnacles of awareness.


Archaea Faith through Julie Miller