March 16, 2012


Our subject today is your internet and its uses and misuses. You must always be alert to the possibility that a message may have been tampered with or inserted without the knowledge of its imputed source. You saw a perfect example of this last night, and the person who asked about it was absolutely correct. His discernment was on high alert. By now you should all be aware of the tone of our messages. You are beginning to see our messages converge in subject and content. We do this in order to get the important information to as many as possible. When you see or hear anything that strikes you as discordant or negative, just pass it by. There is a wealth of messages available each day now which will uplift you and keep you on track. Your community of awakened minds is growing larger and stronger. Let nothing weaken that. During this short, last stretch it will become very important to you. You are a team that has agreed to be here and to work together. Most of you have worked together before. Rely on each other as you rely on us.

There are constant efforts being made now to mislead you or cause dissension in you ranks. Be alert, dear friends, and you will be stronger because of it. You have not long to go now before we can work together and all negativity will be a memory. We know you feel the heightened excitement. In this you are correct, dear hearts. The tide has turned and the surf is up. Stay grounded and stay the course. We applaud your efforts mightily.