by Sophia

What becomes clear in these days of massive is the necessity for inner peace.

This era is swamped with news and opinions, channeling and videos offering their version of the truth. Some days, today being one of those days, I feel sort of like a vane, rapidly turning and pointing in a new direction with each and every article. “Is this latest executive order a sign of hope or of tyranny?” “Are the spaceships good guys or our own guys out to stage a fake invasion?” “Is fluoride a good thing or a bad thing?” “Who are the good guys?” “Is everything we have believed and been told, a lie?” “Who is telling the truth?”

Unplugging is the most effective tool. In order to maintain a sense of normalcy, and an ability to effectively function, we must lose for a this insatiable drive to find out what everyone else is saying. What is vital is what YOU are saying. You hold the power of creation within and unless you are clear, you’ll create by default the truth of the loudest or latest broadcast.

Identify your truth. What are your dreams and hopes and fondest visualizations for this year and these times and this world and your life?

Here are mine – Peace and seamless evolution of consciousness and expansion.

Define yours and hold onto them. Give yourself a moment or six and get there. Nothing is more important.

You are creating this shift. It is not happening to you – it is being manifested by you and me and the loudest broadcast and the quietest hope. All of it matters.

This is an energetic change, and it is the truth we feel and know within that will ultimately become our world.

Find it, define it, feel it, expand it and see it. This is the world you will occupy.

We are the ones we are waiting for.
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