Mar 21

Hello everybody 🙂 I don’t quite know where to start with this personal update, so I will just jump on in. First of all, have you guys been feeling the numerous increases of being sent to our bodies and to our world? For me personally, last week was a very good week. There have been multiple purity increases in the we have been graced with, and I know that I certainly felt them and rode the waves associated with such increases in .

It was almost as if last week was the peak of an ultimate spiritual high, and I gotta say that this week I feel hungover! We cannot have an incredibly noticeable increase in energy without the resulting adjustment period, and I can feel that I am in such an adjustment period right now. I feel lethargic, tired seemingly most of the time, and I have little energy for a with our ascended allies or for even an article of my own. As a , even this article will have taken more &;time’ for me to write than one would imagine. The lethargy is letting my brain run pretty slow!

I am also feeling and seeing alike the next public round of ‘Don’t the Galactics!’

has been writing many articles on this very subject that one could imagine are the result of him receiving many emails from people who, again, don’t trust the Galactics. We go through these phases every now and then, when the voices of those who don’t believe in the ET assistance we are being given gain much influence.

Personally I don’t have the time or the energy for it, and I say to all to go within no matter what external reality you are presented with, as despite the fact that we are indeed receiving greatly appreciated help from our ET allies, we must go within for our as they will not hand it to us. That being said, they have helped us tremendously along this path and along the various paths of many civilizations in our history.

That is about all I have to say on that subject at this time. I know where my beliefs lay, and the personal experiences I have had with our ET allies and guides has shown me in real, concrete 3D ways that they are real and that the assistance they are giving us is real. No fear-based words from people who have not had these experiences themselves and thus cannot perceive fully of this reality will sway my belief, and I hope that others can practice enough discernment to know not to trust the guy on the internet who TALKS LIKE THIS and is sure that THE ETS ARE GOING TO HAVE DECEIVE US! (improper grammar and all) I’m done with such fear.

So yes, again I personally am going through a very intense adjustment period where I feel quite low in energy, and having made the statements I have in this article I think a bit of detachment from the public arena is necessary, for a very short period of time while I integrate fully these pure energies and get through this adjustment period. Will still be giving readings, so those who are on my list and have sent requests do not have to worry. I am not actually going anywhere, simply waiting for a public communication with our ascended allies until the they’re deceiving! mindset has faded a bit, and until this integration on my part is completed and I can begin the next phase of this beautiful ascension.

I have noticed that such cycles are exactly that, cycles. We have our times where we feel ‘Golden’ and we feel that we can do anything, and then we have our times where we feel drained and do not have much energy to do anything. I am experiencing the latter, though quite joyously I might add. Through the tiredness and lethargy, there is a wonderful sense of calm. A sense that all really, truly is as it should be. It is a feeling that I enjoy, and it is underlying every emotion I feel and experience I am graced with. I would recommend you all try to feel this as well, because it rocks! 🙂

Much Love 🙂

– Incarnate Rep., GF and PHC