10 March 2012

Channeler: DL Zeta

You are an and magical being deserving of the best the universe has to offer. As an and magical being you are able to access unlimited parallel realities.

If you have difficulty with the that you are capable of unlimited possibilities, you may need to expand your to embrace this . In the past, you adopted beliefs based on your needs at that time. Older beliefs that no longer serve you can be transformed to new beliefs that allow you to expand your consciousness into new realms of experience.

Expanding your Beliefs to Embrace Parallel Realities

If you encounter difficulty in changing old beliefs, you can simply choose to adopt a where your beliefs support new and expansive ways of being. As an infinite and magical being, this is within the scope of your "unlimited abilities." (Remember it is you who sets the boundaries of your existence on Earth – not others and not your present circumstances.)


Once you have aligned your beliefs to allow these new changes, you are ready to open to visions of parallel realities. To open to these visions, enter a place of alert stillness, allowing your imagination and creative subconscious to bring you pictures of these alternate realities. You are not bound to a reality your imagination brings you. Rather, you can simply allow the "slide show" of new possibilities to play on the movie screen of your mind. When you view a reality with which you deeply resonate, you can ask your imagination to show it to you in greater detail.

Your Imagination and Change

Whatever images of future possibilities your imagination brings you are true probabilities. If you're seeing yourself in a harmonious relationship, it is within your field of possibilities. In fact, your imagination will not bring you anything that is not within your field of possibilities. In other words, you're already all that you imagine — and more.

The question is, how do you access the reality where this possibility exists? Sadly, if you hold a core belief that is not in harmony with the reality you desire, this tends to block your access to it. However, it is possible to discover your core beliefs and change them.

Gaining awareness of your core beliefs is the first step. This discovery process can begin with an examination of your beliefs in general. A core belief is a deeply-held version of truth. It may be a truth adopted during a time when you were very young or more limited in terms of understanding than you are now.

To discover your core beliefs, examine various situations in your life and ask yourself what kind of beliefs a person would have to hold in order to create them. In this way, you become a in your own life, tracking the course of your deeply-held beliefs. As , stand back from yourself several steps. Become a detached observer. Pay attention to details.

Question yourself about situations in your life, and take notes on the answers. Ask yourself if your current beliefs have assisted you or held you back. Are there payoffs in holding these beliefs? If so, are these benefits helping you grow, or are they limiting you in some way?

As you gain awareness of your beliefs, you're able to "see through" beliefs that no longer apply. When you release an old belief, you can replace it with a new one.

For example, the belief, "I'm not worthy of love," may have been adopted during a time in childhood when identity and self-worth were mistakenly derived from the actions of others. This belief can be replaced with the belief, "I deserve unconditional love." It is important to feel the emotions associated with this belief, for it is emotion that brings beliefs into being. If you are adopting the belief that you deserve unconditional love, then start by giving yourself unconditional love. As you practice self-love, you begin to act on the belief that you deserve unconditional love. Ask yourself what actions a person who loves themselves unconditionally would take. Once more, stand back as a detached observer and ask yourself what someone who is already living this reality would do. What would they feel?

It is this process of "core reality change" that allows you to step into a new parallel reality where you are experiencing the identity and reality thread of your choice.

Excerpt from Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta http://www.celestialvision.org/timeline-and-identity-shifts-e/
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