9 April 2012

Channeler: Antoinette Moltzan

It is I, Uriel. I speak in order to assist in your understanding and your experience of what takes place in this , in the preparation of your ascended self. In this place and this space a time is recognized where you simply sense there is no heaviness surrounding you. There is no physical denseness that you are aware of and you are in a plane of spirit connecting to All that Is relative to your consciousness of being in total from all illusions of the physical self.

In this dimension you are experiencing a recognizing of where the Mind is constantly expressing as , as vibrations and it may appear as sound, thought or just light. The Mind is the vibratory consciousness that is the source field surrounding all that exists in either matter or spirit. Mind is a part of the physical and co-creating in its reality and Mind is also in such a space of being you, simply accept it, experience it as one connecting with you in reference to your intentions and your life’s expression.

So, in this , the radiance of the angelic consciousness is connecting with these higher means and dimensions and means of attaining release from all patterns of separation from Divine Love.

So, in this moment, you are surrounded by those who are assisting your journey, your physical conscious journey in the Earth. You knew long before this life, you would participate in a commission that would require a total reversal from your reality of your past. You knew you would come into a cycle of experiences and learning that would bring your focus into a total different expression. It has been a journey of inner and an outward demonstration of being connected to the light, to spirit, to beings, to guardians, to sources that came to assist in your path. You are free in your choice to express what you have yet to learn, but you are commissioned on an assignment to help heal many patterns in your past and with others in your journey of the soul.

So as an angelic consciousness, you are given certain experiences that connect with you and alter the fears to acceptance and to a deeper state of inner peace and light. You come to a point where you do not judge your path as a path of errors or a path of mistakes or a path of foolish intentions or a lack of Sacred Understanding. You stand in this time period with the realization that every step of your journey has been a process of integrating insight, knowledge, wisdom and understanding in uplifting the commitment that will touch the lives of others.

So in the now of yourself, in this moment of space, experiencing a total change of a conscious thought, where there had been shifts, confusion, uncertainty, blocks of resistance to love, there is a shift, a release, an integration of a great sense of joy, of freedom in your inner being, a freedom to express without a pattern of limitation and denial to love.

So in this moment, think or receive the thought, you are empowered by the light of love. You are integrating vibrations of joy. You are seeing the physical self touched with energies that totally assist your body from its challenges.

In the now, begin to sense in your physical body there is an integration of being in alignment and balance in all the elements of your true lighted self. What the physical requires is being received through the process of this integration of the light. Let it be that the tools of consciousness for you are becoming more and more a reality of your strength, or your intentions and your goals.

So accept in the now, your physical is being immersed in a radiance of the White and Gold Rays of angelic vibrations. Think of your physical being touched and absorbing all these frequencies into every cell and every facet of your body. As this is in effect, you will notice how your physical is releasing any resistance to its state of flexibility and balance. Now, perceive the heart chakra center of you, in the physical self totally filling up with the radiance and vibration of the angelic light and that the joy is accepted as a state of freedom, state of loving all that you are and all that you do and all that is yet to become.

And when it is applying to your conscious self, it is preparing for assisting many others in their readiness for change and ascending states of being. So, accept that Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and all others under the teachings of the Christ, delight in being in your journey and trust their thoughts can be heard when you are open to hear. And so it is.

Vibrations are manifesting within every aspect of you and whomever you are desiring to see, awakened to a higher state of their life’s journey. Be patient in their struggle and hold to the wise intention to see, to know and to realize they are able to break through all that clouds their consciousness. It will come, it will be and it will seem through you a new state of joy and peace.

You are heard as you have spoken, your goals your intentions and the desires are all ready in effect. It already becomes a manifestation in your heart. It will be.

And now as I speak and the radiance of your inner self is in effect and there is a merging of your angelic consciousness, within all the physical part of you and there the conscious self cannot comprehend, let it be all that you are accepting now, you will feel, you will know, you will dream its true reality. Walk in peace and may the light of the Christ be in and through you.

Channeled by Antoinette Moltzan
& Channel for A Course in Light