Mar 31


Longing To Be Together Again

This is , High Priest of Telos. It is wonderful to be with you at this time my . It is always a pleasure that we can share with you in these times knowing that soon, very soon, these times are going to change. Understand that much has been happening for a long period of time, much upon the surface as well as below the surface. We have been waiting for a very long time to once again find ourselves merged with you, our of planet Gaia. We are so longing for that time where we can once again emerge to the surface. However this cannot happen until consciousness has changed enough to allow for that process to happen. But understand, consciousness is changing and is evolving and very soon the consciousness upon the planet herself will be altered enough that we can once again make our movement to the surface.

Long, long ago, those of you in this room and those of you reading these words found yourselves together with us on our beloved Lemuria and we shared a camaraderie that can never be forgotten by us or by you either. Deep within your consciousness, you each one have not lost that connection that can never be severed because we are brothers and sisters of the One and we are the One together.

We have been working for some time now on the various grids on the planet. Long ago the grids, Consciousness, Crystalline and Christ were all operational and because of the many things that have occurred over the many thousands of years, these have been blocked and disassembled in many different ways. These grids are now being reconnected and very soon they will be online once again and they will make the connections to all the meridians around the planet and all the sacred connection points. When this occurs, it will open up the star gates and portals that have allowed for inter in the past as well as travel from one place to another on the planet and within the planet herself or even onto ships and to other planets.

All of these are ahead for mankind in the future, but for now, know that these times are coming that you are being prepared for and to take your place among those who are the awakened ones, those who will be assisting others to awaken, who are not so fast to awaken not so fast in knowing who they are and what they are here for. Many are still in darkness, not sure that anything is changing but yet they have an inkling, a knowing deep within them, that something is changing, something is afoot. As the changes continue they will continue to have that knowing deep within them that will awaken them and they will then be able to help awaken others and so on. This is how the light spreads, how the Consciousness grows and it is how it has been growing and we see this happening across the entire planet. Very soon, those of you will be able to make those connections with the Crystalline grid that has been prepared and is waiting for the final connection and then you will be able to utilize this grid to be able to connect with those knowings deep within you that have been held dormant for so long as well as the DNA reactivation that must occur.

All of these things are happening now, as we speak, behind the scenes somewhat, but soon they will be out in the forefront and all will know what is being prepared for you. Each of you are momentous in your awakening process in knowing who you are and what you are about. Know that as these changes continue and develop into a higher and higher frequency of events that will be occurring, you are being prepared to be a part of these frequency changes in knowing what to do as these times come.

We are very excited about the upcoming movements of Consciousness in being able to join once again with our brethren upon the surface. We are so longing for that as there are many of us here who are waiting to reunite with all of you and to reconnect once again and feel your arms around us and ours around you. We are so longing for that time and we hope you are as well. My peace and love be always with you as we come closer and closer to the time where we will be together. This is Adama.

Channeled by James McConnell

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