31 March 2012

Channeler: Tom Jacobs

You are having family relationships with the same souls in many lives, yet you are in different sorts of with them that share similar dynamics. This is to say that in one life you might be the daughter to a father, in another life you are siblings very close in age of the same gender, in another life you are cousins and business rivals, and in yet another life you are spouses. Your requires many different sorts of set ups in human dynamics in order to learn what you need to learn, and those of others do, too. Each permutation or dynamic offers you and the others in your relationships unique chances to teach and learn what you have enlisted each other to teach and learn. You might for example in all of these lives feel that you are in competition with each other. Alternatively, you might always be striving to understand each other though you are very different. You also might have issues such as trust and co-operation that define your dynamics in all of these many lives in these different sorts of relationships.

The emotional content in each of these relationships has much in common. In other words, what is going on between you in various lives focuses on certain emotions, certain choices and behaviors. Your ability and willingness to be in stable or harmonious relationship with these souls is shared among all of these lives – whether you are willing or not! Your openness to these others and theirs to you is in common with all these lives, too. This occurs because of the nature of what each of you has agreed to teach the other, and the fact that you require different sorts of human and love dynamics to proceed with the teaching and learning.

When working now on family relationships, at times you may in fact feel that you are a particular age from your past again. When this happens, it is critical that you remember that this is you feeling a part of you that was shaped and defined so long ago. It is that you are now reconnecting with a part of you that might be often buried, or hidden most of the time at this stage in your life. Again, my intention here involves to support you in creating a in which you can hear all that this part has to say, become willing to feel it, and then learn to process it.

Your greatest tool is grounding. The more grounded you are, the better, the more able you are to move ahead, not being derailed by the feelings and memories from the past that may still be carried with you.

Returning to the nature of family agreements at the soul level, again, each is about love. No one is born into a family that has not at the soul level offered space, time, and attention based in love. You cannot learn what you came here to learn without some sort of incubator for that learning, it simply cannot be done.

When you can see that the experiences you have enlisted your family members to participate in with you are all about the learning that each of you asked to undergo, you can be empowered further as the Divine creator that you are. You can take in a new view on your expansive, wide-ranging creation across time that you have set out about in order to learn. For so long, people have been perceiving that the world and others are acting upon them, and this has left you disempowered. Now, you are invited to see how and why you have created it.

From when you were a child, and you were small and others were big, in all the ways when your needs were not being met, you might have decided that you were less than a person, less than deserving of being acknowledged and recognized with love and support for who you are. You might have seen no other way to understand what you were experiencing then. Yet now you are being given tools to change your mind about why your difficult family relationships played out the way that they did. You are being supported in seeing the real reason that you were misunderstood, mistreated, or ignored or neglected, or indeed abused.

You are ready to love yourself in all the ways that these others have not. You are ready to treat yourself with respect, kindness, understanding, and compassion in ways that your family members have not. I invite you to take responsibility for having created your experiences at the same time that you release others from the responsibility for doing things for you that they did not, and in fact could not. Doing this while keeping in mind what you have enlisted them to teach you will go a long way toward altering how these family relationships work in your life and how you relate to your history as a member in your family.

Thank you.

Excerpt from the channeled Soul Healing: Family E-course that begins April 7th, 2012. See http://tdjacobs.com for more information and to register.