By   4/17/12

UFO_35.jpg An incredible video of a UFO appearing very close to a South Korean air jet has sparked a debate between skeptics and believers both to the nature of the itself and what considerations should be made if these are moving so close to airlines.  But in the rich history of there are no known cases of a UFO actually causing a passenger jet to crash – although there are plenty of close calls, and at least one case that raises some serious questions.

The video itself shows an object fairly close to the aircraft moving up from beneath the window and out of frame in one quick movement.  And if it's a hoax, it has to be one of the most elaborate hoaxes ever made.  The circular disc moves up as a passenger can be seen filming out the window at the city below.  After an initial pass it disappears out of frame and cannot be seen again.  The object is either white or a very light grey as it passes upward and the seems to react to the craft by attempting to zoom in on it.

From the video it isn't clear why the witness was filming out the window prior to the appearance, although it is possible that the witness was just filming the view from the .  And it's only the latest in several cases where small white objects can be seen streaking past airlines, including another in taken April 04, 2012.  The video has recently come under scrutiny as a possible hoax, but it is one of several that depict aircraft being followed by unexplained extremely fast objects.

There are three general responses to the videos.  Skepticism divides into two different categories with some saying the videos are wholesale fakes and others suggesting the objects could be a new form of supersonic drone flying past jet aircraft.  If the objects are the latter, there would have to be an explanation for a lack of sonic boom when the objects pass by.  The third response is that the objects being seen could be the same one seen by Chinese pilots on August 20, 2011.  Other countries recently reporting an interest in their aircraft by UFOs include the US, the UK, , , , , , and Portugal with a much longer history that includes several more.

Why might UFOs be following earthly airlines and other aircraft?  Are they somehow studying the capabilities of aircraft built on Earth?  Is the proximity to these craft somehow providing the unidentified flying objects with something?  Are they simply moving along wanting to be seen?  Or are the crowds simply so crowded that witnesses are bound to witness something unexplained every now and again?

To say the least, this is one of the most perplexing phenomena in the UFO field.  While witnesses on the ground can have their cases easily dismissed, the peculiar sightings of objects in the sky by pilots have reportedly resulted in losing their license to fly.  The FAA takes the matter of UFOs very seriously, according to several ex-pilots, they seriously don't want to hear about them.  As a result several retired pilots have come around after the fact to share their own accounts.