April 27,2012

My friends, we will speak about your joyous emergence into your true selves. Your mental picture is most likely of a celebrating you at the completion of a process. That is a wonderful picture to have. But that is a picture of a that, although it exists now, is not yet your in your dimension.

That is a reality, yes. Now let’s build the picture which will best help you get to that place in the most effective manner. In each day now, you will find evidence of the changing you, the you that is becoming more and more the self you desire to be. Let your focus and your joy be upon that . Revel in it. Focus upon it. And, most of all, be thankful to your Creator and to yourselves for its growing . What you see today may seem a small thing, but amazing things are built from small steps. Find each evening something in your day for which to give thanks, and begin each day looking for the new and wonderful in your life. Move, as soon as you can, from wishing to expecting. And as soon as you can, begin to expect the occasional . See yourselves as the magical, miraculous beings that you are and miracles will become the stuff your lives are made of. They will not so much begin to happen as they will begin to be seen. Miracles abound all around you, dear friends. And what you now consider to be miraculous is no more impossible than the which you yourselves are. See the miracles around you. Marvel at them. Give thanks for them. And then become one yourself, for yourself. When you do that, you will be a for everyone else. Look at yourselves with new eyes, not in judgment, not with ego, but in appreciation for who and what you truly are. Find in yourselves the tiniest thread of that and begin to unravel it. Sit with it, wonder at it, and love it. And here is a thought, dear ones, ask for more of it.

The other end of that thread is connected to your highest and best selves. And we promise you, nothing will be more pleasing than for that connection to be brought into your lives and, indeed, into your selves. It really matters not what method you use to accomplish that feat. In your world today there are many, many methods being put forth. That is to make it easier for you to find your way. It is not important for you to find the true way or the best way. It is important for you to find a way. Just find the end of that thread and begin to pull.

, protection and success are your promised result. To us you are deserving and worthy. Each of the things for which you judge yourselves unworthy we see as another lesson learned and hurdle overcome. Accept the rewards for your long, long journey and accept that you truly are the shining ones we have told you that you are. Keep your focus on this journey now and whatever happens around you will have no importance other than as a stepping stone upward. Divine love and grace be yours now. We will speak tomorrow, dearest friends. Good day.

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