from Paul the Venetian
Channeled by:
April 07, 2012
children of the Light, it pleases me to be sharing a message with you during such an auspicious and important weekend through our beloved vessel who is also your sister. May each of you feel the blessings and love from God and from the Lord this weekend. Open your hearts children, let go of all animosity, let go of all need to compete or from ill judgments and be of LOVE in everything you do. Good old fashion simple love that is formed from the . Share this love without conditions or expectations and be rewarded from the swell of even more love fill your , mind and spirit.
Dearest children of Light the direction of your love through your ever growing wisdom is from your compassion and charity. It is your actions that show the world who you really are. God already knows your true self, the self that many do not see. I know underneath the many walls and masks you apply for others to have a certain perception of you is a person that many does not get to see. Children it is time to drop ill-conceived perceptions of reality that is more harmful than good. Start living in the NOW, see the beautiful colours and rays of light that penetrate your existence on every level; what I see is perfect and divine beauty underneath all the subterfuge.

When you are able to show others your acquired wisdom from the love actions you set forth each day you be gifted the ability to discern all spirits without the Ego causing second guessing or other negative thought forms. Each of you in time will progress along your journey and discover that the perfection of your soul is through mastering patience, development of your intuitive and creative talents; understanding and having great discipline of yourself in all your endeavors. Each part you take the time to perfect and master will increase your knowledge and wisdom and forward you along the path to your ascension.
I encourage you dear ones to find your creative spirit. This does not mean I wish for you to start taking art classes to learn how to paint, but to find within you what it means to be creative. Do you like to decorate cakes, make gourmet dishes, create elaborate gardens or planting containers? Do you write poems or short stories for children? These are only some ideas to get you thinking if you do not already know what it is you like. If you have no one at home to prepare for, make something for a local shelter or senior citizen’s home, the potential to work on your creativity and to do something selfless is endless and the reward from giving this love of yourself is ceaseless.
Children, there will come a time in your journey when you will have no need for external recognition because you will KNOW who you are in the eyes of God. Your restored of yourself will increase self-love and love for God. It is your humility that will be the winning factor dear ones; your humbleness is what will shine your authentic self. God already sees through each pretentious mode you develop. He knows you will reach a critical point when all facades will drop. When this time does occur you will NOT go through this alone. Seeing your truth can be scary and WE know this. Yet, we already know you will grow into a higher awareness of yourself and those around you as a result.
Dear ones, there is never any need to affirm outwardly that you are a disciple or a devotee of God and of the Lord. Your eyes, smile, your generosity of your selfless aid and your impeccable virtues that have been perfected will speak for you. If you are able to love your neighbour as much as you love yourself you will if you pay attention notice a rebirth of spirit from the highest place, from the heart of God. One who can love this fully at all times brings an outpouring of , Faith, , , and spiritual illumination into their lives and those they are closest to. The best thing dear ones you do not have to speak a single word because the Spirit of God and of the Lord is moving through you in perfect harmony. It is your actions dear ones; they speak loud; so choose how you act in all forms to be the best possible and loving way.
If every child on Earth could learn to love unconditionally all the problems that are visibly apparent would be transmuted through love, pure and simple. Ah but it appears the simplest way has become the most complex. Dear ones there is always hope and promise for a brighter tomorrow and this will happen. As you bring your own consciousness into appropriateness with your heavenly Christ-Self you will see and feel the positive change that is taking rise around the globe. Maintaining your chakras throughout your own spiritual changes is relevant as well as keeping balance to your mind, body and spirit.  
When you notice a blockage that begins to affect your consciousness with that of your Christ Consciousness, call for support to remove the blockage or any cord that has attached itself to you own auric field. Through all the interactions you have through the day, even through your computer, attaching of cords is not uncommon. Simply ask with your heart that is filled with love and pure intent to remove such obscurities and transform these with the use of the Violet Flame. It is important to renew your mind, body and spirit before the draining feeling becomes dominant. Make use of the sacred and nurturing flame daily.
I come through many of you when it comes through creative expression. Many are not aware of my presence. I do not at this time come through to guide per say but to encourage. Dear children, art is the expression of the love that is etched in your soul. And this special and creative way is intended to portray the footsteps of your path. Your creative expressions are cornerstone marks that speak of your trials and tribulations. You already know and realize that LOVE holds the connectedness of the universe. Love is the very foundation, beginning of life and it is alive in every cell. Given this, Love is also geometric symbol of your being. And dear ones, that geometric symbolism is meant to be illustrated through your creative ability that describes art to each of you. Even meditation dear ones is an art as it is the awakening of the power of God that is alive within each of you and brings a gentle calm to yourself.
Before we conclude our discussion today, please dear ones see the beauty of your soul, look at your inner self and find inspiration there. Other people can see what is there, but what is important is WHAT you see. Love yourself dear ones with the purity and understanding of God’s love and eyes. When you look at yourself from the outside going in, look at the sacrifices you have made, the discipline you have taught yourself; this is evidence of self-love and self-care. See the amazing transformation from your careful nourishment of yourself and those around you. You dear ones are the essence of the Lord Jesus that is always alive inside you. The more you are able to realize this truth the more you are able to give of yourself to others and to God in the manifestations you bring forth.
With my gentle and colourful way, if you allow me; I will guide you, support you and show you how to put COLOUR back into your life. Through the colours you will see God’s hand is in EVERYTHING and always within and around you. My love to you dear children of Light is extended from the beginning of time to eternity.
And so it is, Ascended Master, Paul the Venetian through Julie Miller

Just at the end of my meditation prior to the message, I received a gift of a cross enclosed perfectly inside a wooden case that surrounds the four points of the cross. The strangest thing happened, Jesus came through the cross and came to me in thanks for something I professed last night during my final prayer of the day I am told and Jesus came to share with me the love he has for the world.