Message from Djwhal Khul
Channeled by:
April 04, 2012
Dear ones there cannot be enough emphasis on the importance of the and your spiritual growth. Within your own inner core of your are the fiery flames of the Divine -force – pink, gold and blue. The is your divine foundation that is within each of you. It is the foundation of your Inner Christ.
The qualities of the each flame of the Threefold Flame that speak richly of God are:

Love – is represented by pink. It is the precise character of God. This love understands the distinction between commiseration, an unbearable emotion, and compassion; it is a strengthening one. This love is not smothering or controlling but supportive and freeing.

Wisdom – is represented by gold. It is the right use of knowledge and information of all kinds, an acumen and perception based on the values and main beliefs of. This is a love of learning and a need to communicate what one has acquired to others.
Power– is represented by blue. It is the yearning of the soul to do the Will of God. It is the value of the push your give yourself to reach your goal. The blue flame indicates a knack to take hold of leadership of yourself and of others depending on the situation. The Threefold flame also represents the Holy Trinity. The energies of the Father (blue), Son (gold), and the Holy Spirit (pink). 

Not only are you to understand what the Threefold represents, it is relevant to work with each flame separately and gain mastery of each one through meditation and self-study. Through your commitment to this sacred flame you will gain a deeper of yourself and find yourself approaching doors that will further your spiritual development from your ability to implement its usefulness. When you reach mastery of the Threefold Flame as an entire sacred flame, you will not need to enter through the or through meditation but from sheer will that is filled with everlasting love from you. Until that time happens, pay close observation and understanding of your .
Your heart dear ones is your eternal link to divinity. Like your other six chakras, your heart chakra requires you to nurture it, and take care of it. Understand its relevance to yourself and your other chakras. It is more than the expansion of your heart from understanding what you read; it comes from practice and becoming one with each component your chakras represent. This sacred flame that is alive within your heart is your opportunity to become one with your Higher Self dear ones.
Dear children of God, understand the Threefold Flame of your heart is your . It provides you with all that is required in your bodily form. Dear hearts without the Threefold Flame and without the Light of your own I AM Presence that nourishes your organs with Light Energy flowing through your bloodstream and from the breath you are capable of taking, there would not be any YOU in your physical plane. Part of your mastery while living through the physical plane is mastering the Heart. Learn and become more of the Threefold Flame.
Each flame of the three-in-one flame requires balance dear ones. When of the flames is acting more central than the other two, then there is an imbalance. How would you know? The same way you know when a specific chakra is imbalanced. You know from understanding yourself with each part and how it is you feel, react and are within each flame. You WILL know. When the Threefold Flame is in perfect balance you will discover you have a larger amount of harmony in your life even during difficult phases.
Dear ones you are in the seat of your life and YOU can change any part that is unpleasant by magnifying the beautiful Light of the Threefold Flame. You do this by personal interaction with the sacred flame. You will further observe it in all its splendour; you will become more immersed by its captivating power, and by you touching it through your own mind when you envision it in the completeness of Light. Depending on your own character traits will determine which of the Rays would come to your aid and guide you to balancing the Threefold Flame. For instance, if you are creative you very well could attract the help from within the Green Ray.
I am seeing that there are many of God’s beautiful children who have not proceeded to learn the Threefold Flame and who continue to pass it by. I urge you, to take a look at the many instructions that are available and take a deep look within yourself and discover through this sacred flame how much more you can be. Let the Threefold Flame be the beginning of many incredible spiritual opportunities that will affect your personal life as well. Trust in knowing YOU and I will come to know who you are and realize the many gifts you are still to receive and just as many of the gifts you are able to give. To be able to give graciously, you must be able to receive just as graciously. Balance is crucial in all of the many areas of your life dear ones.
The more enlightened you become dear ones, the more in control of your patience you will be as well, but not just with yourself but with others. This is a good indication of your ever evolving life and growth that shows your commitment, discipline and dedication to yourself, to God and those around you. Your keenness to fulfilling your Divine Purpose is quite evident. I ask you to continue with your spiritual endeavors and believe in your capability to constantly have the understanding to be a comfort to all life; especially your own and to live through your ever-loving heart. 
I AM Djwhal Khul through Julie Miller