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Channeled by:
April 12, 2012

There are numerous messages regarding the blessing and care of yourselves, those around you and your many brothers and sisters across the globe. They are all needed to educate, uplift and inspire each of you wherever you are sitting right now on your journey. Today precious ones we speak of the animals, the pets in your life and the creatures that live inside the forests and neighbourhood parks.

Every , even the insects that sting and cause distress are created by God, and each one has a purpose and believe it or not that purpose is not to irritate you even though many times it seems the case. The smallest of insect to the largest of beast all deserve respect and appreciation. There are many animal species each year that reach the threat of extinction and most of it is because of the great expansion into their homelands. As the forests get smaller because increases, it is important to provide healing and support to the many animals that live in those regions that are being forced to move on into higher ground or not exist at all. It is well understood not everyone is able to become a member to certain helpful organizations. What I do see is that everyone on the globe is able to contribute a small portion of help, even if it’s helping to keep a park clean from litter, encouraging young children or anyone not to put their candy or gum on the ground, leave out dog hair or long hair to aid the birds to building a nest. There are many creative ways that you can help. The environment that surrounds you requires tender loving care from each of you. If you insist to have a clean and well maintained home, then equally insist to help where you live to maintain .

The furry, scaly and sometimes feathery friends many dear people take as pets fill your hearts with the unmistakable purest form of love – unconditional love. Pets do not require being pedigree or having special papers to prove authenticity; their only need is love, and they return that love many times over the period of their living lives. Even as pet owners, especially if you consider these animals members of your family, it is utmost important to treat them with the respect they deserve. Just as the wee babes you have given birth to, they do not know good or bad, they only know the warmth and comfort their mother brings them and that warmth extends to you who chooses to bring them home and into your life. Pets of many kinds have been proven to increase health and vigor in the aging population and helps boost morale in children hospitals where children have cancer or other difficult and possible terminal illnesses.

There is never any reason to mistreat any animal. Even those that are brought specifically to farm, breed or help on the land. Respect and Appreciation is essential. There are many farmers that still rely on good sturdy animals for hauling and they take great pride in looking after them with proper medical attention when it’s needed. A pet is no different and neither is an animal that has had to give up its home in order to make room for the ever-expanding population of the human race.

It is a crying shame when we see animals of any kind being hunted for pure sport, being treated cruelly, or purposely harmed. There are many animal advocates across the globe that helps bring medical aid to the creatures that have been harmed by thoughtlessness. Love is being shared to those that are causing the harm. Some precious ones come from a long line of mental disturbances and the animals end up suffering as a result. All people, even the ones that cause harm to any creature of God deserves healing, love and light. They are responsible for their actions and the Law of Cause and Effect does come into play. Sometimes Karma does takes its time, just like nature everything must have balance.

Allowing yourselves to become fuelled by rage over the news lines of animal cruelty will not solve the crime dear ones and it does not help the animal that has been hurt. What needs to be done is more people being informed on what they can do to help and to take care of your local environment. Every small step of helpful action is beneficial precious ones. Become active and involved as much as you can.

I know many may think they are not responsible for another person’s mess when they walk by cups or cans laying on park’s path. It doesn’t hurt anything to use a tissue or napkin to pick up the trash and put it in its proper place. You know in your heart you are doing something right to correct something that was done in error. Always move with love and light from your heart precious ones, let love guide you through your actions.

The birds are happily chirping in our background today as some seed has been left out, it is music to my ears. My love for each of you and for every creature that lives across this planet is filled to overflowing precious ones.

And so it is, Archangel Ariel through Julie Miller