11 April 2012


Greetings dear ones we come to guide and support as the veils are lifted across planet earth allowing more to come to balance and to remember. That which is here is but a memory and that memory will help you to find YOU. We are the Faerie realms and we come to guide and support as those who are now working to further illuminate the path for the human race begin their work in earnest.

We are here to show you the road home dear ones, we are all around you and we ask that you take time to notice that which is around you and WITHIN YOU. For many are now walking with their heads bowed and their hearts closed and we guide this is a walk in distortion. The natural setting of the human body is play and we ask that you come out to play.

Our words are here to lift your hearts so that you hearts may sing again. We are here to lift your eyes from your feet so that you may see the rainbows that are above you. For many are now walking in the rain and yet not looking for the rainbows that always follow after the rain.

The world is now washing itself clear, the rain is the emotions that have suppressed and curtailed your race for aeons. We are here dancing in the rain and we ask that you become as children once more. Do you remember dear ones when you danced in the rain and got wet? Do you remember when you found the puddles and splashed in them and cared not that you got soaked? We ask for you to allow these memories to show you TRUTH so that you may recapture the essence of WHO YOU ARE.

We ask those who are crying to cry until they can cry no more and then lift their eyes to the sky to see the rainbows we have painted on the sky for them. For the tears are the cleansing rain to the eyes of the humans that have been blind for so long. Allow the tears to wash away the dust and grime of the 3D world and to allow TRUTH to be shown to you. It is not possible to see when blind and yet many try. We ask that you untie the blind fold handed to you at birth and allow the many colours that are within YOU to radiate around and within you.

For in TRUTH the human race is the rainbow that is now spreading across the planet. It is the rainbow that is appearing after the cleansing rain and we ask do you anchor the rainbow that YOU ARE? For we are here amongst the flowers and the trees and we skip from branch to branch, the lightness of our touch is the lightness of our vibration. We ask for you to raise the vibration that is YOU to allow YOU to dance on the branches with us. Do you care to dance?

We are with you, we are around you and we welcome you for in TRUTH we have always played around you. Many are now walking in the rain looking out for the puddles so that they may avoid them, careful not to get wet lest they get into trouble. We ask who sits in judgement of you dear ones? Who will get into trouble if you get wet and why?

We ask that you take a moment to go within and connect with the child within for that child is YOU and YOU are the child. Many are now struggling to contain the child within and we ask why? If your inner child wants to come to play what stops that play? We ask if the inner child asks for “me time” what stops that time? For does not a child want attention and does that child not do anything to gain that attention? We ask how the inner child feels? How do you feel?

We ask why the sobre faces in a race that is now free? We ask why no dancing on a dancefloor that is ringing to the sound of music? We ask why no painting at a table that is set with paper and crayons? We ask why the children of the earth no longer play? For you are all children of the earth and mother earth asks why her children no longer play.

We ask for all to go within and to find the tune that makes their hearts sing, it is only possible to dance if you hear the music and we ask for you all to allow your hearing to be retuned to the higher realms. Do you hear us sit on your pot plants and sing to you as you hurry past? Do you listen as we sing to you softly from the flower beds and the bows of trees? Or do you hurry past with your head bowed, listening to the latest news and weather reports and forget that you are child in a musical universe?

We ask these questions to instil the asking within for part of being a child is being inquisitive but many have forgotten not only how to be the child but how to ask. How can you find out if you never ask? We are here with you as you read our words and we wait on your call. For we can hear you, we see within you for we are not blind and we are not deaf to mother earth. We are the realms that mother earth has asked to step forward to bring you back into balance. For the child that does not play is not in balance.

We ask for you to meet us in the woods to drink the cups of tea and laugh and have the picnics, we ask you to meet us in the clouds in your dreams and we ask for you to meet us on the dancefloor to dance. We are here with you at all times and we only ask you remember us.

We are here, we hear your heart beat and we ask that you slow the beating of the heart so that you may hear the tune that the heart sings. For many humans the heartbeat is like thunder, it plays to the beat that is out of tune with the SOUL and we ask for you to go within and to still the heart. For a still heart will find the tune that the SOUL dances to. Do our words resonate dear ones?

We are high above you, we are next to you, we are within you for we are YOU. We are the Faerie realms and we ask you “would you like to dance”.

Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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