~ Focus on the …~


( as you read this …know you are taking in the

frequencies of home that are within and behind

the words…)


Greetings unto you my beloved brothers and sisters

of the One Heart Divine..

it is with great that we come this day

to enjoin with you and speak to you of that which

alone is real….a reminder you might say…


take a deep breath dear one's…


breathe in the love particulates that are surrounding

you in this moment…for there is not one breath

you take that is not filled with the quality of divine love…


it has always been so and now that so many of you

are stepping into the truth of who you are

that will be "realized" ……felt and acknowledged

by you more and more…


in these coming of days we are here to assist you

in navigating what appears to be your


in truth….you are all dimensions…you simply have

placed your focus while in this body on what

was 3rd dimension….

that which still appears to be separate

or shall we say devoid of love….allow us to say that is an

appearance dear one's… for all of it is held in the

arms of love…and also allow us to say that

what you referred to as 3rd dimension is no longer..

it may appear the same….yet this is Not So…



Now…in your coming of days what will come

to be your will be a direct result of

where you are placing your focus…


yes..this has always been so but it  will be more

apparent in the coming of days and it will be

a rather simple choice to choose to focus on

what Is Real ….The Love that is within and behind

all of creation…


.so…as we have shown our dearest Denisa..

think of your world as a ….

you are the of the canvas…

and you are that which you paint onto the canvas…

your canvas may at times in the coming of days

have a few "dots" that if you focus upon them

will take you away from the heart space…


now…we are going to ask you not to any dot

on the canvas of love that appears unlike love…

we are going to ask you to stay within your emerald heart..


as you gaze within and without…begin to acknowledge

the canvas that you painted long ago that is filled

with miracles…magic…joy…


yes…it has already been created…(painted)

by you long before you entered this reality…!!!

Yes…this is so…


it will be up to you to focus on what surrounds

the dot  of your  life's canvas

you may be focusing on that is bringing

you experiences unlike love…

what surrounds the dot is ~ All That Is~

and all that is   ~Is Love~


so…when you find yourself judging a dot

on the canvas of your life…

immediately change your mind…change

your focus …

simply choose again

focus on the Love that Surrounds

and envelops even the "dot"…

focus on what alone is real..


move into gratitude…move into allowance..

move into Your Self…!!!!!!

Your Emerald Heart…for you Are that!!!!


You have been well prepared for this…

You have all come to see what does to

your …it immediately brings an uneasiness

and a great deal of inner turmoil when you judge…


Judgment is the opposite of Love…


So…trust that your Canvas of Life

Your New Earth

is already there….to experience it

allow us to say  …. clearly and emphatically

~ You Must Focus On It~


how do you do that…??


walk in peace…walk in gratitude for what ~is~

if you don't like one of your creations

on your canvas choose again for the dot is

simply an effect of an untrue belief held

deep within your  being…


No Matter What You Think You See…

bless all as the Christed One you Are…


You often hear about the Power of Love..

well.. dear one's …this is where your True Power



it abides within your Choice for those frequencies

that allow love…joy and freedom

to arise within you from the depths of your being


Think of it like this….all is me..

if i judge you…i judge me and i immediately

feel the effects of that judgment…

so..as i love you i love me..

.we are one thought..

one love…


it is a grand experience and if you will walk

in those shoes you will be walking

in the garden of the emerald heart

where nothing exists but miracles…joy…magic

and wonder…


This is Claiming for Yourself

Your Power to ~ be love~…..


so dear ones…be that which you Are..!!!

and you are love…you are the ray of the eternal

and you are what the eternal Is…


we love you…we honor you…

we thank you for your journey….

yes…for we are constantly reminded

of the beauty God is as we gaze upon

each and everyone of You…


~The Council of 12 ~








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