17 April 2012

Channeler: Le

Conversation WithThe Devic Realm, via TAUK. “’s Will Weep No More”.. By, . April 17, 2012.

Old friend, our names are Tulla and Nara, and we are the Water Deva. We knew you in Atlantis, when you were sent to help in the final days. You remember very little about those times, when God sent you to create the vibration of peace. Many like you came to make them understand that the destruction was coming. We stayed by you and protected you as Guardians. Now we are back. Many of you incarnated on at this time have been assigned beings as protectors. The Devic Realm is part of the Realm. Living in the kingdom are also the ones you know as the Elfin and Faerie. We are old; many, many millennia, and have been here devotedly serving Gaia all this time. The Water Deva swim amongst the fishes and spin beneath the stars. More and more of us are arriving each day, in order to counterbalance the of your environment. Never before have so many of us been here! We are from everywhere and all places. Ours is Earth’s water realm. We reign within the rivers and lakes. See us under the water, in places of dense greenery and look for us in the starlight, upon the lakes and ponds. Pools reflecting the moon display us in their energetic form. Strive to see the glittering, twinkling orbs of light. We are green, but shine with iridescent rainbow tones which change according to our mood, living place or task. Beautiful colors impress themselves upon our tails and hair. Upon meeting us, prepare for great surprises!

Return to the awareness of creations that await you by an Earthly waterfall of unimaginable beauty. In dreams, create this picture and with it hold a feeling of joy. Let yourself swim amongst us. Such freedom! Nothing holds us captive in the way that your illusion does, as it appears to take away your basic rights of creativity and self-expression. In creating this vision of us, we help you to feel lightened of your burdens. It takes the little children, and those like them, to truly understand and appreciate the Elemental Realm. We are always visible to the innocent at heart! You may also elect to go to an ideal setting and hope for the right moment to present itself, to see us. Open your heart for a visit. Look for the Faerie amongst the dainty flowers of nature and see the Elfin prance atop the slippery stones. Kick off your shoes and dance! Call to the Starry Ones when you swim in the sea. You may not see them, but they will hear your call and come. You see, we understand your interest in us.

Most human beings are well-intentioned, but they forget that Gaia is a soul and they upset her life-force. The younger humans know this. They have plans to rectify this injustice at the onset of the new Golden Age. We, the Elemental, are a cleaning crew of sorts. In conjunction with your Star brothers and sisters, we are establishing the clearing of the many toxins that are slowly poisoning our Mother. The dangerous fluoride which some choose to pour into lakes destroys the precious balance within Gaia’s core, in addition to making the population sick and diseased. The runoff from the farms slowly penetrates her underground aquifers; and the divided waters – the dams and levees – affect her body’s natural balance. Watch as the ancient volcanoes erupt beneath the sea, for they will one day move the old land masses into their proper position.

We see that you all are beginning to take notice and speak out. This pleases us so! For the days grow shorter up until the day of Earth’s final slide into 5th density. So take the time to keep our sweet Mother in your hearts. Give of your dear, joined visions in meditation, as this reinforces the which encircles the planet. Love really is the perfect tool for healing, and your prayers have a medicinal effect. Just imagine that the happy time of our reuniting is at hand, and feel deep within you the kinship that we once enjoyed. The Earth will again be a pretty paradise. Gaia’s heart will weep no more.

Tulla and Nara